In this day and age the internet is quite the crowded place. With so many different outlets all vying for attention, marketing space, and customers; it’s a wonder how anyone is capable of successfully competing on the web. However, there is a product that makes it possible for anyone to compete on the web regardless of budget size. That product is known as Google AdWords and it is bringing small businesses everywhere to forefront of their niche market on the web.

Google AdWords is an advertising product that advertisers can use to display ads on Google Search, Google Search Network, and Google Display Network and can be targeted on a local, national, and international level. For clarification, Google Search is the search you know and love on, the Search Network comprises all of Google Search Partners such as and AOL Search, and the Display Network is Google’s vast network of affiliated sites that host Google ads such as, Gmail, and over one million web, video, gaming, and mobile sites. This enormous platform reaches over 80% of internet users in North America alone and more than 60% of internet users around the world!

One of the reasons Google AdWords is so cost efficient is that it enables advertisers to focus their ads on their target market through the use of keywords. Users viewing these ads have already indicated an interest in a relevant topic pertaining to the ad and, therefore, pertaining to the service, product, and/or business the ad is portraying. For example, when a user enters a query into Google Search, such as ‘buy refrigerator’, only relevant information pertaining to that phrase will be displayed. The user has expressed an interest in purchasing a refrigerator and is actively searching for what businesses have to offer through targeted and focused advertisements.

One doesn’t need to be concerned with costs when using Google AdWords because they provide the option to prepay in addition to other methods that give you control over the amount you want to spend. The advantage lies in the pricing model used, called performance-based advertising, where the advertiser only pays for measurable results. This mainly consists of cost-per-click, where you pay only when a user clicks on your ads for a price that you can put a cap on, and cost-per-thousand impressions, where you are charged per one thousand impressions (impressions are the number of times an ad is shown to a user). Plus, advertisers set a daily budget which is used to control expenses because Google will never charge the advertiser more than the specified budget.

In short, Google AdWords is an incredibly quick and easy way to jump to the top of the search results but it is also incredibly difficult to master. This platform enables you to reach an unbelievable amount of people on any scale around the world while giving you the power to target new, relevant users who are interested in what you have to offer, all at a budget you are comfortable with. If you would like help harnessing this amazing resource, we invite you to consult Cascade e-Commerce Solutions Inc. As a Google Certified Partner, we are more than capable of assisting you with this matter. For more information regarding setting up AdWords for your company or for examples of how AdWords has impacted small businesses in the area, please feel free to email CeSI at

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