The WordPress trademark “W” icon is found all over the web. If you haven’t noticed it yet, you will now that you are looking for it. Still it would be easy to underestimate the number of WordPress sites since only a fraction of their designs highlight the “W”. Would you have guessed that this is a WordPress site?

(View the source and see the letters “wp” throughout the code.)

WordPress is a content management system for websites and blogs. The reason for the “W” icon’s prevalence is because WordPress is a fantastic tool.

WordPress really distinguishes itself from the average content manage system. It is all the little things that really make the difference. One of those distinguishing characteristics is their separation of pages and blog posts. This makes it incredibly easy to run a website and manage a blog. All the blog posts are automatically partitioned into a separate section of the site devoted to the blog. When using a certain WordPress Plugin, your most recent blog posts can be automatically featured in a Recent Blog Posts section of your site.

We are big fans the functionality that is available through WordPress. WordPress offers a tool with great utility through “Plugins”. WordPress Plugins are website features created by a community of WordPress developers. These Plugins are website features that can simply be plugged in to existing sites. Think of it as a virtual electrical outlet which can take whatever appliance your site needs. We have clients using Plugins for slideshows, calendars, photo galleries, and more. A business with frequent events and activities might benefit from a calendar Plugin, such as the one we setup for Angle Lake Neighborhood Church ( We were even able to help Studio Mene ( have a website that can toggle between English and Japanese via a WordPress Plugin. Our favorite WordPress Plugin is the SEO All-In One tool. This helps the site’s contributors comply with SEO guidelines using little to no effort. The tool uses a fill in the blank form which generates essential HTML elements for SEO.

The ability for the less tech-savvy to manage a site is what our web designers and clients appreciate most about WordPress. Content can be added and modified without any knowledge of HTML or CSS. It is as simple as clicking a button to create a new page. Creating the content for the page is similar to using MS Word. Simply type your content and insert pictures or videos. WordPress will automatically apply your theme and styles to the content you ad.

WordPress themes allow the average client to have substantial influence on the design with minimal effort. By browsing through themes, a client can choose a starting point. Once a theme is decided upon, elements from other themes can readily be implemented too. These themes allow a client to have a great deal of creative influence if they wish, without requiring the technical knowledge. A site can be as close to or as far from a template as desired.

The typical WordPress site by Cascade e-Commerce Solutions Inc. has all the functionality of a WordPress site, but without the appearance of a cookie cutter creation. CeSI sites are unique, professional and allow anyone to generate the content.

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