The Internet

In my years of optimizing websites for the search engines, I’ve often been called in to remedy business websites that have had disastrous results in the search engines. In each case a prior SEO service provider had employed abusive and/or neglectful strategies.

20 of these abuses and neglectful practices are listed below.

  1. The first thing on the home page is a link to someone elsew’s web site.
  2. A competitor’s website is inappropriately optimized for the business’ name and trademarked names.
  3. The web pages include hidden text (text that is in the same color as the web page background color).
  4. The web pages include hidden links (such as links from unseen graphics).
  5. The web pages have many identical web pages with different web addresses or page names.
  6. The site is built in frames without implementation of proper code.
  7. The home page is a Flash sequence with no text for the search engines.
  8. Every web page name includes lots of code language such as “&” (ampersands), “?” (question marks) and “=” (equals signs).
  9. Keyword phrases are based on guessing what people search for rather than on what keywords are actually used by searchers.
  10. Web pages have no original text (text is copied from other websites)
  11. Important text is placed into graphics.
  12. The web pages have no metatags.
  13. The same metatags are incorporated into every web page.
  14. The site’s text hasn’t been updated in years.
  15. The site’s code doesn’t meet current international standards.
  16. The navigation links are different on every page.
  17. There is no single web page that lists links to all the website’s pages.
  18. The navigation takes visitors forward to lots of dead ends with no ability to link back.
  19. The web pages include many links to missing pages and graphics.
  20. The site uses free sub-domain hosting, which even if disguised with redirects can harm your search presence.

In many cases, the business’ leadership doesn’t know these abusive and neglectful strategies have been employed. However, those businesses that have allowed me to remove these strategies and employ proven, ethical strategies which have experienced very positive results.

If you suspect that your site may suffer from these abusive or neglectful strategies please email us at