Believe it or not, summer is approaching! As I write this we have one week to go till the solstice and the weather is a muggy 60-something grey. Nevertheless, the writing of the 2012 Summer List has begun and checking off the items will begin once summer commences, whether the weather cooperates fully or not. I find that I make the most of each summer by drafting a list of rewarding activities to experience and love.

My list so far, in no particular order:

  • Go to local farmer’s markets as much as possible
  • Buy a bushel of tomatoes and can them for fall/winter meals
  • Learn how to can tomatoes
  • Go camping at least three times
  • Take up swimming again
  • Use our newly bought Discover Pass to roam Washington state as much as possible
  • Paint interior of my house
  • Go to the drive-in theater
  • Go to Canada for a getaway
  • Picnics
  • Take the dogs swimming at Marymoor
  • Harvest the potatoes we planted

If you need help getting started on your own list, check out the list of amazing upcoming local events for June and July. Share any ideas in our comments section below so we can all create and improve our lists and make this the best summer yet, regardless of the weather it delivers!