While their basic premise of helping small businesses succeed has stayed the same for Cascade e-Commerce Solution’s Elizabeth and Glynn Paulsen, their staff and scope have expanded year after year. Below are the updates on their staff including one new employee, Jeff Newhall.

Introducing New Employee, Jeff Newhall

Jeff Newhall graduated from Washington State University, earning a BA in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management Information Systems and Marketing. Jeff joined Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc. (CeSI) in May of this year.

Jeff enjoys keeping himself busy with a wide range of activities but especially enjoys being outdoors when the weather cooperates. He enjoys that the Pacific Northwest provides a great variety of water sports and hiking opportunities during the nicer months of the year. As the weather starts to cool, Jeff puts up his hiking gear and gets ready for winter in the mountains. Jeff’s favorite activity has been snowboarding for the past seventeen years but skydiving and wakeboarding are close contenders.

Please join us in welcoming Jeff to the team!

Risa Miller

Risa has been a part of the CeSI team for five and half years. As a Google AdWords Certified Professional, Risa enjoys looking critically at pay per click campaigns to help clients maximize conversions within their budget. She also enjoys using Google Analytics to make the most of SEO/SEM spend, doing keyword research to find the best phrases to target for each individual client, and building and maintaining websites.

Risa went from working full time in office to working part time at home after the birth of her first child, Judah Timothy, born March of this year. She loves changing diapers, rocking her little boy to sleep, and seeing that first smile while still being able to make lots of keyword lists for CeSI!
Welcome baby Judah!

Jordan Comar

Jordan is enjoying his time at CeSI as the current Internet Marketing Strategist: on a monthly basis, he analyzes and reports on the performance of our clients’ accounts. He critically analyzes sites from an SEO and SEM point of view and makes recommendations on how to improve the clients’ account performance. He also helps the clients understand the reported statistics of their web presence by breaking down the metrics into definitions and example scenarios. As a Google AdWords Certified member of the team, he creates and manages pay per click accounts for our clients and explains all the services that Google AdWords provides.

In his spare time he keeps up to date on new SEO and SEM strategies and tools, has dance parties in the office, and talks about nerdy things with the CeSI team.

Colby Klein

Colby’s current projects include updating and improving systems, scripts, and projects to make the company more efficient overall. He is upgrading SilverStripe modules to be more generally useful and compatible with the latest version of the system. He is writing scripts to work more smoothly with data sets and code organization. He is organizing projects to be more friendly towards version control systems. Also, Colby is writing a new, easier to use site crawler/sitemap production tool.

Kevin Cushing

Kevin has been working at Cascade e-Commerce Solutions for almost one and a half years now. It is amazing how fast time has gone by with him here. During this time he has learned a lot about web design, search engine optimization, and internet marketing. Even though he has been here a while now, his role is constantly evolving. Lately he has been spending considerable time working in Social Media Marketing.
In his free time he tends to be just as busy. He plays basketball or rock-climbs for several hours almost every day (often both in the same day). If he doesn’t have the energy to run, jump or climb, he’s probably working on one of his many entrepreneurial ideas (unfortunately someone already made a social network for cats…).

Jennifer (Paulsen) Martin

Jennifer has returned to CeSI as a part-time employee. She will be assisting with monthly reporting and writing for Northwest Gold Coast. As a newlywed and expecting her first child early next year, she is excited to help businesses improve their strategies as well as individual readers find balance and joy in their lives. In her free time, she is growing her first pot of potatoes and playing with her two dogs, Max and Molly.

For more information about Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc. please visit their website at http://www.4cesi.com!