Summer is here and it seems like it’s going to stay!  Now the question is how to stay cool?  Granted, the weather isn’t as hot as most of the country but it seems that blood thins here and just like we start wearing shorts and sandals at 55-60 degrees, we also start sweltering at 75.  Obviously there are the simple stay-home solutions of pulling out your fans and the kiddie pool and the traditional get out of the house ideas like going to the mall or the movie theater.   But sometimes, you’re itching to enjoy the great weather while still staying cool!

We’ve got you covered in that scenario:

Splash & Water Parks

Wild Waves – Federal Way, $32.99 for online tickets

One of my favorite adult memories was buying a season pass when I worked within a few miles of the park. Let me tell you, riding a roller coaster on your lunch break is an experience that can not be beat! Adults love Wild Waves just as much as kids and with four new attractions it should be a don’t miss place this year!

Henry Moses Aquatic Center – Renton, FREE – $14.00 depending on age/residency

This park is amazing! A season pass is similar in price to a one time visit to Wild Waves. Though there are less attractions here than a large theme park, it is still hours and hours of cool summer fun for everyone.

Crossroads Park – Bellevue, FREE

I stumbled across this park recently on a trip to Redbox.  Being expectant parents, my husband and I enjoy watching adults and kids splash and play all over this park with room for sports and lots of play equipment.  I’m excited to take our baby here next summer, even if I play more than they do!

Burien Town Square Park Fountain Plaza – Burien, FREE

This beautiful plaza nestled in the heart of downtown Burien has a lot to offer. They have gentle fountains where anyone can splash and play, a view of Mt. Rainier, and plenty of space to rest and relax. There’s also so many great restaurants and cafes around as well as the library, so grab a snack and a book and cool down!

Gardens and Parks

Kubota Gardens – South Seattle, FREE

This Japanese garden is 85 years old and cannot be missed in these summer months.  It is a 20 acre property amidst busy streets but always feels like a hidden oasis. Every few steps gives you a completely new 360 degree view of beauty. You could visit fifteen times and have completely different experiences and pathways each time.  Plus, there’s an Ezell’s Chicken a few miles away, stop before you come and pick up a picnic lunch!

Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden – SeaTac, FREE

These expanding gardens have several different themes to awaken the senses. It is surprising to think that this hidden gem is less than a mile from the airport. Another exciting point is its proximity to the North SeaTac Community Center, drop in for a game of basketball and then cool off in the gardens!

Des Moines Beach Park – Des Moines, FREE

This park was a new amazing find for me on a walk with old school friends. With piers, beach, and trails to walk you get the perfect blend of water, sea air, and shade to stay cool these days. This park is also on its way to becoming a national landmark as it was the birthplace of Des Moines and home to its first businesses, a play area for orphans, and a still standing old church camp. It should not be missed while the weather is still warm!