In the land known as Bellevue, powerful wizards gather in one location at a prearranged time to compete in a tournament of wits, strength, and magical capabilities in randomly assigned duels…to the death! Magical spells fly wildly through the air, smashing into the crowd of spectators. Ferocious creatures and great warriors are summoned from distant worlds to do battle alongside their summoner. Shimmering energies swirl all around as the powerful mages siphon the essence from the land itself in order to fuel their lust for conquest. The end goal of this horrific and bloody event: to be crowned as the best magic duelist in all the land and revel in one’s own triumph and supremacy. These terribly powerful magical beings are known as Planeswalkers and the tournament they willingly, even gladly participate in is known as Magic: The Gathering.

If this wild event interests you, then by all means come and see! Tournaments are held on a weekly basis at Crossroads Castle (Mall) in the entertainment district (Uncle’s Games). <Get the details here.> This seemingly gruesome contest actually brings people together through a common goal. They have even created their own community around these events to further that shared goal, which is…to have FUN! Every weekend, Magic: The Gathering players come in droves to Uncle’s Games to compete with one another, commune with friends on the latest strategies and spells, and to share in the experience with anyone who is willing. It really is quite a friendly place to be!

Magic: The Gathering is a collectible card game where two or more players use constructed decks out of Magic cards they have bought and/or traded for to play against one another. There are many different formats in which to play the game but the rules are largely the same between the formats. New cards are constantly being created by Wizards of the Coast, the developers and owners of Magic: The Gathering; and new releases happen on a regular basis of four times a year.

If you would like to try your hand in wielding powerful spells and summoning mighty creatures and heroic warriors, then stop by Uncle’s Games at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue, Washington on Fridays at 6:00pm or Saturdays at 12:30pm! Or visit to find a tournament near you!