In case the storefront windows of the area haven’t alerted you, it is Back to School Time! Today, I am here with our high school correspondent, Rebekka, to learn about preparing for back to school this year.

Rebekka, tell our audience a little bit about yourself.
Hi, I’m Rebekka and I am going to turn 15 this October. I am a complete fashionista and even though I am already 5’10, I love wearing high heels!

Rebekka, you’re starting high school this year?
Yes, I will be a 9th grader (freshman) at Global Connections which is part of Tyee High School.

What items were on your school supply list that you don’t remember buying in previous years?
The only thing that I don’t remember being asked to buy for school before this year is an expanding file (portfolio).

What items (if any) were you able to re-use from previous years?
The things I am able to reuse are my flash drive and my highlighters.

Moving onto fashion, what in your opinion are going to be the hot items/colors/outfits for fall?
The hot colors for this fall are most likely going to be nudes, browns, purples, greens, and pastels. The hot items are high-low dresses and skirts, blazers, things with lace, etc.

What are high-low dresses?
High-low dresses are dresses that are shorter in the front and longer in the back.
(Example here: . We’ve also heard these called mullet dresses though they are much better looking than that poor-choice haircut.)

What stores would someone find these items at?
Some of my favorite stores are Hollister, Forever 21, Wetseal, and Aeropostale.

Is there a favorite mall or a few malls you like to go to around here? Why do you like about that mall (those malls) best?
I go to the Westfield Southcenter and Bellevue Square malls most often. I like these malls best because they have my favorite stores are not very far away.

Were you able to swing any great sales or deals on any back to school items?
Yes, Hollister had great sales on jeans and tees. Aeropostale was giving a free printed fabric tote bag to you when you would buy a pair of jeans. As for supplies, Target always has good sales on backpacks and everything.

Do you complete any of your back to school shopping online?
No, because I procrastinate too long usually to have time for shipped items to get to me before school starts.  But if someone planned ahead, they could find really great deals at the stores’ online sites.

Do you know what you will be wearing your first day of school?
Yes, I will be wearing a fuchsia dress with a sweetheart neckline and brown skinny belt, layered with a Hollister cream colored cardigan cable knit sweater, and fuchsia colored flowery sandals.

Have you bought everything you want for school this year?
No, I’m going to buy more winter clothing and spring clothing as the weather changes and new fashions come out in the stores.

How long do you think your purchases will last you?
I think they will last me the entire school year and through the summer because they are good quality and durable.

Anything else you’d like your readers to know?
OF COURSE!! Ladies, don’t forget to buy matching nail polish for your outfits because having your nails match is very important.

Thank you Rebekka, we appreciate your wisdom and experience!