Charlie Hicks has been in the appliance industry for over 40 years. He honed his skills at Lee’s Appliances in Burien, Washington since Lee was his father. Through this experience he learned more and more about appliance parts and repair. He is second generation and now his children have become young adults and they are joining him in the effort so it’s moving into the third generation.

Charlie specializes in finding the correct appliance parts his customers need, giving the correct information on how to repair appliances, and selling refurbished appliances at a discounted rate. He’s the Encyclopedia Brown of appliance parts or, for a more modern reference, the Indiana Jones.

It can feel impossibly difficult to find the right appliance parts online if you don’t know the part number. Appliance part databases don’t include the model name or number because there are so many models for each make and no one has taken the time to match every part to every model. However, based on his years of experience Charlie has become a walking database of parts new and old and vintage. Repairmen around the Northwest call Charlie when they need a part or help with a problem.

As you and your family are going through fall cleaning this season, consider making a list of the appliances you have that need new pieces or repair. Check out Charlie’s online database for the parts you need. Or contact Charlie himself for a more detailed question about any part or repair you need; test his expertise today at You can’t find anyone more knowledgeable or helpful with your appliance part needs.