Summer has just officially ended, not just because school has started back in session but because we just passed the Equinox on September 21st.  Now is the time to go through my summer bucket list and assess how well we did which is another indicator for how much fun we had!  We definitely didn’t miss out on much this summer.

  • Go to local farmer’s markets as much as possible – Done, we went at least once a month and enjoyed it so much!
  • Buy a bushel of tomatoes and can them for fall/winter meals – Done
  • Learn how to can tomatoes – Done, homemade sauce is delicious and much healthier for our family.
  • Go camping at least three times – We went twice and I am happy with this since the further I proceed in this pregnancy the more I love my own comfy bed.
  • Take up swimming again – Did, we’ve bought several monthly passes now and my husband comes with me almost every time plus we’ve introduced friends and family to our local pool too!
  • Use our newly bought Discover Pass to roam Washington State as much as possible – Done, and we’re glad it’s still good for another half year of use!
  • Paint interior of my house – My husband, Robert, is on top of this and steadily working to clear and paint rooms.
  • Go to the drive-in theater – Done, we went and saw the Total Recall remake and headed home too tired to watch the double feature!
  • Go to Canada for a getaway – We went to Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Phoenix instead which was awesome and much warmer!  If we have time, we might fit in a Victoria BC trip pre-baby.
  • Picnics – We had a lot of BBQs instead, which is equally fun.
  • Take the dogs swimming at Marymoor – Done, so much fun and even our puppy started getting in the water by himself.
  • Harvest the potatoes we planted – Done, we got about 12 potatoes out of it sadly due to cutworms, but the 12 we got were delicious!

How was your summer? Did you cross much off of your bucket list?  What would you do again next year or add to your list?

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