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We will be launching a series on Northwest Gold Coast exploring the potential impact social media marketing may hold for your business. In this edition, we’ll explore whether social media marketing is the right step for your business. Then we’ll branch out by starting with blogging for business and in later months go onto Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If there’s another social media outlet you’re interested in learning more about let us, at Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc (CeSI), know at

It seems like every business these days has heard something about the term “social media” and things like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Blogs, etc. You’re probably hearing from everyone that every company needs to have a Facebook page or every team needs a social bee running their Twitter page. While these pathways can help build your client numbers, strengthen ties with your current client base, and even bring in new money, it doesn’t mean every company is going to find value in investing time and money into marketing in social media.

Here are a few questions to ask when considering whether social media marketing is right for you and/or your business.

Do you or does someone on your team:

  • Have a teaching personality?
  • Love to share information regarding your trade or products just for the sake of the information alone and not just to make a sale or deal?
  • Have enough passion about your business niche, products or services to get others as interested as you?
  • Enjoy helping build a community of people with common interests?
  • Have personal stories to share related to the common interest?
  • Enjoy engaging with others on those topics and on your history?
  • Have or can develop original photos or graphics regarding the common interest that you can share the community/public?
  • Enjoy sharing those stories, info, and pictures without expectation of compensation from the community?

These are just 8 questions to ask yourself as you approach the realm of social media. If you answered yes to 2 or less, social media is probably not the next big marketing step for you or your business.

If you answered yes to 3 or more, you need to decide if it’s in your time or budget to do social media and to even start asking your clients if they would be interested in following you through this path for extra marketing.

If you answered yes to 5 or more, you need to look into social media as soon as possible and determine which social media outlets are best for your company. No business has to be on top of all of the outlets; just like no individual, even the most social 15 year old, is normally using all of them every day all the time.

If you’re already convinced you need to explore social media with your business or intrigued enough to ask more, email today!


Blogging is the best place for a business to share their stories. Fans and customers love stories about how a business owner opened his storefront in the first place. Was it a family business handed down from Uncle Lou or did you make a career switch from software engineer to cupcake designer? They want to engage with local companies on stories and issues that capture their hearts. They want to hear how your one-hour-or-less-oil-change-service got this mother of four back to grocery shopping, three birthday parties, and swimming lessons faster than anyone else’s service. Blogging is the place to share these stories, including testimonials.

A blog is also the perfect place to share information and passion with your customers on a large scale level. John Sullivan’s Blog on Olympic Landscape and Irrigation Company is a great example of this. John is the lead designer at the company and his blog shares tips on when to plant, how to color arrange your yard, etc. This is free information that allows readers to either do the work themselves entirely, to call Olympic Landscaping for all of the work after using the blog for ideas, or to tag team the project with Olympic Landscaping by doing what they can by hand and hiring Olympic Landscaping for their specialized expertise and training. John doesn’t make money off of the blog but he shares his love for landscape design with the blog’s readers and customers. The tone and quality of the blog lets people know that Olympic Landscaping is a business that has a passionate and educated team.

Does the idea of starting a blog appeal to you and your business plan? Call CeSI right away to get a blog set up that can be optimized for the search engines and increase your client base and sales!

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