Jody Stacy had a home hobby in which her husband crafted wood products that she hand painted in primitive and Americana style art and then put up for sale.  Initially, she used her own designs and then over time she developed relationships with other artists and added their designs to wood products and to pottery items.

In 2003 she turned this passion into an e-commerce company, Adorable Country Classics.   She developed relationships with other creators of primitive and Americana style home decor that complemented the work that she created and she added these lines to her business.

Today the business sells a large variety of beautiful primitive and Americana style home decor for every room of the home.

Initially business started small.  Jody states, “It didn’t really take off until I signed up with Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc (CeSI).”  CeSI performed keyword research to help her identify the products that were most likely to sell online.  Then CeSI rebuilt the website and optimized it to help it secure higher natural search ranking positions.  Jody then added more products to the website.  Subsequently the business experienced growth in both its customer base and sales.

In 2011 Jody realized that if the artwork of a primitive artist were to be converted into a line drawing and then converted into a rubber stamp, other people could use the stamp to create their own items with primitive art designs.  She teamed up with artist, Terrye French, and developed a new line of rubber stamps.  She tested the market with a Blogspot blog and then given her success with turning one hobby into a business, Jody decided to convert her scrapbooking hobby and new line of rubber stamps into a fully developed business she named Treasured Times Rubber Stamps.

Then Jody brainstormed whether the next step was to open a retail store for her businesses or whether to go full out online with the second business.  As she was pondering her options she asked friends and associates for input via email, Facebook and phone.

CeSI responded to her questions with a suggestion to contact her local Small Business Development Center counselor because CeSI had found its SBDC counselor to be a tremendous help in developing its growth strategies.

Jody met with Elaine Jones,, of the Washington State Small Business Development Center.   Elaine works in one of the 24 of these offices around the State of Washington that provide services at no cost to small business owners.

Elaine encouraged Jody to move forward with a full blown website for the new business, Treasured Times Rubber Stamps & Scrapbooking.  Jody secured the domain name  and contracted with CeSI to provide the same services as previously provided to Adorable Country Classics.

She says, “I went with CeSI again because they are nice people to work with. They listen to what you want and need out of your website. They’re very easy to work with and get along with.”

With her passion for country crafts and stamps as well as her developing business acumen, Treasured Times Rubber Stamps was poised for success before it even opened.  In fact, her stamps sold internationally the day after the online store went live (all the way to Italy!).  She offers wholesale and retail and is a big hit in the crafting community already.  Jody has a special ability to not only sell beautiful specialty items but to also offer free advice and information for those interested in her crafts.  Check out her “Learn” page at Treasured Times website to get answers to common stamping questions.

Jody also keeps a blog for each company as well as a Facebook page showing her personalized work and projects and helping her to keep up with fans and clients.

Jody is excited to see Treasured Times grow and wants to do all she can to ensure that happens with the help of Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc. and Elaine and the Small Business Development Center.

This is an especially exciting time for Jody as she prepares to hire her first employee.  She’s also been approached by two painting pattern designers to begin working to turn their designs into rubber stamps!  With the gift giving season approaching Jody’s businesses are perfect places to look for one of a kind presents for those you love.  For more information check out the links below:

Adorable Country Classics Home Decor & Gifts:
Website | Blog | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter

Treasured Times Rubber Stamps & Scrapbooking:
Website | Blog | Facebook

You can also phone Jody at 253-579-7623 to learn more.