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We are continuing our series on Northwest Gold Coast exploring the potential that social media marketing may hold for your business.  This month, we are looking at the efficacy of free Facebook marketing for your company.  In the months to come we will also be discussing LinkedIn and Twitter.  If there’s another social media outlet you’re interested in learning more about let us know at Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc (CeSI).

At Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc. (CeSI) we think it is wise for every company to reserve a Facebook page for their business.  This way no one else can use your name, similar to setting aside a domain name for your business.  We don’t think every company needs to utilize that Facebook page though once they have preserved it for themselves.  For example, a company selling only pens and pencils may not be a top choice for Facebook since there is little creativity or design coming out in the pencil/pen world (let us know if we’re wrong there!) and there is not a big fan base for them though there is a consistent need for the products.

An artist or an auto repair shop would be a different story.  The artist can share photos or inspiration behind their latest project, even as it is still in the works.  They can check in with fans to let them know when their next gallery opening will be or where they’ll be speaking next.  The auto body shop can discuss a beautiful vintage car they’re working on currently or how to do simple repairs at home.  They can also engage with fans on an individual level about when to call the shop for help and when you’re okay on your own at your home garage.  Facebook is a great place for businesses like these listed earlier and maybe for your company too.  Any business can also list special deals, offerings, sales on Facebook.

If you have even an inkling that Facebook marketing may be a great fit for your company, don’t hesitate to call CeSI today at 206-244-9092 to discuss it and even get your page set up and optimized!

A client we feel is effectively utilizing Facebook marketing already is  Check out their Facebook page at  They work to keep their fan base growing and always updated on deals like sports event parking, holiday specials, etc.  Their fans also share reviews and experiences with with their own Facebook friends as well as on’s page.

If you’re becoming more convinced that Facebook marketing is a strong fit for your business model, there are a few pointers we’d like to share with you.

  1. After reserving your Facebook business page, fill out everything you can. This means making sure that your About Page has content (a great place for your company’s start up story), making sure you post a few photos right away (even just starting with a staff photo and street level photo of your office if relevant), and sharing a first welcome post on your Wall.
  2. Invite fans to “Like” your new Facebook page.  Using email distribution lists, searching for regular customers on Facebook, and posting a Facebook link on your webpage are great ways to accomplish this step.
  3. Update your page on a regular basis.  Post links to your blog posts, share a photo of a new project you’re working on, a new staff hire profile, a link to a special deal, a funny story, quote or question. You could even ask fans for a staff lunch restaurant suggestion. The more interaction, the better. When you post, you’ll stay in your fans’ radar and keep them up-to-date on exciting activity in your business. We recommend posting something new on your Wall at least once a week. If you have content to share on a more frequent basis, by all means go ahead and share it.  Just take care not to be spamming your fans by filling their entire Facebook homepages with only your content.  Once again we think that sets a good example and you can see that they post something on Facebook page nearly everyday.
  4. Invite fans to give recommendations and reviews. You can even ask questions on their Facebook pages that link to your Wall.  Even if these aren’t always the most glowing reviews, Facebook provides a great place to address any problems and concerns they may have had with your service/product.  Other viewers can see how you listen to customers and even take their feedback and ideas and use it to make things better.  For example, my sister recently asked Safeway’s Facebook page when pomegranates would be in season and for sale at her local store-don’t you know they were happy to respond to her and she will consistently buy her pomegranates from Safeway every following season!
  5. Keep updating and growing your fan base.  When you get new customers you can ask them if they use Facebook and use their email addresses to look them up and see if they would “Like” your page.  We’ve seen businesses grow their fan base by sometimes offering a special deal or prize when they hit 100, 1000, or more fans on Facebook.  My husband and I are both Facebook fans of a clothing shop in Oklahoma that we have never been to before because we won a free soda simply by being the first fans to comment after they hit 1000 fans total.  It was totally worth it to us and we still enjoy seeing what that boutique is selling and if we ever visit Oklahoma again, we’ll definitely check out the store in real life!

Thinking that Facebook marketing may be the next step in your outreach strategies?  Have more questions about Facebook marketing?  Want to get involved in Facebook but don’t have the time to do it yourself?

Contact today or call CeSI at 206-244-9092 today to get started!

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