With the winter equinox just around the corner, it’s time to check in with our fall bucket lists.

  • Volunteer in the community – We worked with our church on several activities and sat down and decided where to give some end of year charitable giving.
  • Start and finish my baby boy’s nursery – Today, I am putting up the finishing touches on the nursery with the baby’s name painted and ready to be hung on an open wall. Granted, we’re having troubles with our one year old new roof and are currently sleeping on the floor of the nursery while our bedroom and master bathroom is being repaired due to leaking and mold. But the nursery is cute and ready for baby whenever he arrives (hopefully after we can move back to our own bedroom)!
  • Go to a pumpkin patchWe went and had six friends join us. So much fun, they all agreed they would add this to their yearly bucket lists too.
  • Go apple pickingGot our apples after picking our pumpkins and we all enjoyed a fall dinner afterwards with fresh apple crisp and cider.
  • Host a great Halloween party – I was 30 weeks pregnant and still pulled this off. It was a blast, not sure it can be as big or fancy with a 9-10 month old baby boy next year but I still have ideas just in case.
  • Go see the salmon spawnI went once with Robert and enjoyed it so much I brought my best friend back a week later. I’d love to be a volunteer here in future years and teach others some of the exciting things I learned myself.
  • Go clamming for the first time (if free time lines up with the season’s open weekends that is) – Sadly, this one never worked out. Every time we found an open beach, it would be mid-week and three hours away. Next year, maybe?
  • Make as many homemade Christmas gifts/stocking stuffers as possible this year – Homemade vanilla has been our go to gift this year at parties and dinners. If it tastes as good as we hope once it finishes developing Christmas day, this might become a yearly tradition. And now armed with several Michaels bags I can finish my last few sentimental homemade gifts for others today.
  • For the other Christmas gifts, go shopping on Black Friday – With some advance planning and budgeting, we didn’t have to buy anything on Black Friday this year and were able to sleep in and then go cut down our own Christmas tree instead.
  • Fall cleaning, decluttering, and donating! – Great progress was made, despite the roof debacle. Still have one more trip planned to Goodwill for this week!

What was on your Fall Bucket List? How much did you get through? What would you do again? What do you still want to get done?