The holidays are upon us and I find myself thinking about my gift shopping strategies a lot more than usual trying to get everything chosen, bought, wrapped, and delivered early this year since baby Martin should be making his arrival any day now.  Things have changed a lot in the holiday shopping world over the last 50-75 years especially.  Many people remember when holiday gifts were often made by hand months in advance, or at least bought in cash, or at most credit from the local general store (whose owner you knew well and said hello while walking the dog).  Now, the world of holiday shopping is a whole new set of strategies.  Do you see your shopping strategy described below?

  1. Only Online Shopper. You don’t go to any stores or circle any parking lots. Everything is found online and lets you know when your items are on the best sale.
  2. The Last Minute-r.  You shop as close to the holidays as possible with no budget or shopping list.  If you spend more than you intended, you deal with it in January or later.
  3. Halloween is Over, the Holidays Are Here-r.  You have a budget, a shopping list, and your wrapping paper ready to go November 1st and everything done before December even starts.
  4. The Multiple Tripper. You have to shop over and over to find everything you want, because you keep forgetting who’s on your holiday shopping list this year.
  5. The Whatever Shopper.  Everyone on your list gets something that you could have given at a White Elephant gift exchange, hot chocolate and mugs every year, sound familiar?

Are you any of the shopping styles above?  Which one do you run into the most each holiday season?  Did we miss a category?