Social Media

We are moving forward with our series on Northwest Gold Coast exploring the potential that social media marketing may hold for your business.  This month, we are looking at the usefulness of LinkedIn for your company.  Next month we will be finishing up with Twitter.  If there’s another social media outlet you’re interested in learning more about let us at Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc (CeSI) know by emailing

LinkedIn is an interesting form of social media for business because it is made for individuals.  So instead of making a company profile like those on Facebook or a blog, you make a profile regarding yourself as owner, executive or employee and you can encourage each of your employees to create their own pages too.  LinkedIn is a social networking tool for business professionals.  It allows you to list your education, previous jobs/businesses, skills, and connections and resembles an online resume.   Here is CeSI President Elizabeth Paulsen’s LinkedIn profile if you want to see an example and even connect with her:

It is an especially strong tool if you are trying to keep up connections with previous employers and coworkers and is useful when you’re trying to establish yourself in a network of similar companies or find business mentors.  There is even a feature on LinkedIn that lets others endorse you for skills listed on your resume.  For example, I received a few endorsements recently for my Clinical Research and Case Management skills.  This can show not only potential new customers and even employers that I have references for what I list on my resume.

You can link your personal or staff profiles on your website where clients can read details about you that would be too lengthy for your businesses web page.  It can give you room to dialogue with interested parties, you can start or join groups of likeminded owners or employees, and you can improve yourself and your company by seeking out mentors in your field.  LinkedIn is truly an online networking program that opens numerous channels for business growth both in development and in clientele.

LinkedIn is one of the easiest social media marketing strategies to set up and maintain.  If you simply take time to set up a profile and make a few connections over an hour, then maintenance is just about once a month.  LinkedIn can notify via email you when new connections are made (like old coworkers wanting to link to you) so you don’t have to check it every day or week.  And spending time every six months to make sure your profile is up-to-date is generally enough unless you or your company are adding new skills/strategies more often than that.

If you have a LinkedIn page you want linked on your company’s website or need help setting up LinkedIn pages for you and your team don’t hesitate to call CeSI today at 206-244-9092!

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