There are a million resolutions we can make every year, and we keep a few of them.  What does every resolution boil down to but having a happier, more effective year?  And since I spend most of my time online with email, article writing, research, blog reading, and social networking I want to aim most of my focus onto my life online.

Below are my ideas for making myself happier this year online.  The best part, none of these ideas need to be completed all at once, but if you do want to tackle them one at a time early in the year the rest of 2013’s days will be simpler for you.

  1. Remove any toxic friendships on Facebook and Twitter.  This can be people you met once and never talked to again, people who are negative about life and reading their statuses brings you down every time, or people you’re not friends with anymore.  Why read status updates and let your Facebook wall or Twitter feed fill up with things that don’t bring you joy?  If you can’t bring yourself to defriend someone, at least hide their posts from your newsfeed.
  2. Clean out my Facebook groups and likes pages.  Now with companies being able to promote their own statuses by payment, I only want to see statuses from companies I admire and actually desire to keep up with, not just anyone.
  3. Clean out my Google Reader or other RSS feed.  If I grimace whenever a certain blogger that I used to love posts an update, I don’t need to read that blog anymore.  For example, sometimes I start following a bunch of organized home posts because I want my house to look perfect like Martha Stewart’s.  But over time, I start to feel bad every time I read these posts because my house looks nothing like this and I start to skip over new posts.  This year I’d rather spend my time cuddling my baby boy or reading Mommy blogs where love reigns even in a cluttered house than make myself feel bad.  Any blog that you no longer find fun or useful should be cut off your list.
  4. Clean out my inbox.  Delete as much as you can and create detailed folders where you can save important emails for future reference.  As soon as new junk email comes into your now empty inbox, unsubscribe from anything you don’t care about and watch your email situation continually improve!
  5. Store files on the cloud.  Instead of using flash drives or emailing yourself every time you change computers consider storing your documents, files, and photos on the cloud.  I use SkyDrive (a free Microsoft product) and Google Drive (another free product) myself.  There are plenty of options.
  6. Make banking easy with a one stop shop like  We have all of our accounts- banking, retirement, loans, and mortgage connected along with our own tailored budget so we can check every month and any day to see how we’re doing. makes the graphs and charts for you that individuals used to spend hours creating like net worth, spending, and cost of living ratios.

And the easiest and yet hardest way to be happier online, is to get OFFLINE.  There’s a whole world out there of new friends to make, new recipes to try, new books to read, and new adventures and places to experience!  No one ever ends a year wishing they had spent more time on the internet.