Social Media

We are completing our series on Northwest Gold Coast exploring the potential that social media marketing may hold for your business.  We have discussed blogging, Facebook, and LinkedIn already.  This month we are finishing up with Twitter.  If you have questions about any of the social media outlets we’ve mentioned or if there’s another social media outlet you’d like to learn about, please let us at Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc (CeSI) know at

So…Twitter.  We were going to share about what is Twitter, to define some Twitter terms you’ve probably heard thrown around (#hashtag anyone?), and how to use Twitter best for your business when we realized that Twitter already has that information written out better than we ever could do.

One best practice we’d like to add is searching hashtags for tweets from people or business who could use your services.  For example, a plumbing company can search for tweets from people dealing with leaks or high water bills and respond to those people directly with helpful information, appointment setting, and more.  Or a travel agent can search for people looking for help planning their next vacation on a budget.

Since Twitter is always a running conversation it takes time and work to stay engaged with your fans as well as seek new ones.  If you’re too busy to set up or run a Twitter account yourself, CeSI can run the account for you.  Let CeSI know if we can be your social media bee today on Twitter or any other social media outlet at

To summarize our Social Media series, social media is not the right step for every company.  Taking the time to learn about each of the options and which fits best for your business is worth the time and effort you can give.  You can use one social media outlet well and build a strong online profile along with your website, or you can use all of the social outlets but quality is the key.  No one wants their business to appear like a teenager finally allowed online and spamming everyone with chain letter forwards or photos.  CeSI can help you create and maintain a strong social presence for your business to help you stay up to date and connected as well as connecting with new clients all the time.

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