Here’s an article originally posted in our November 20, 2003 Northwest Gold Coast newsletter edition by Elizabeth Paulsen. Read our newest Sharp restaurant review here.

Sharps Roaster & Ale House: Why Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Reasons…

  1. I love thee for thy delicious food. The Kansas City True Blue BBQ, made with juicy, drippy KC style BBQ meat then topped with coleslaw and fried onion strings is lip smacking good. I can also choose to have it sauced with your house barbeque or 4-alarm Chipotle. Your Hot Pork Roast Grinder has fresh sliced, slow turned, loin of pork, packed on a grilled ciabatta roll with spicy mustard/horseradish sauce and sauced with my choice of House BBQ or your own Jack Daniels Old #7 (mm hmm).
  2. I love thee for thy made-on-site-from-scratch original foods. Clam chowder made not with potatoes and sand, but with chunks of clams in a creamy soup. SoftCream™ is so good on roasted apples, with crunchy crisp and topped with caramel sauce (pictured below, right), on a warm double fudge brownie, or just by itself can’t be beat. SoftCream’s™ richness comes from the use of much more pure cream than conventional ice cream and genuine vanilla extract (no imitation here). Thank you for making it fresh every day.
  3. I love thee for thy warm and inviting atmosphere. Those great big roaster ovens provide the physical heat (which is especially nice on these cold days), but the decor adds a visual warmth as well. Dark wood furniture, track lighting, wine bottle boarders and even the beverage coasters on the ceiling, make the dining areas comfortable. (Those bent airplane props on the ceiling in the full-service-lounge are a hoot—thanks for letting me know that they were from training exercises and that no one was killed!)
  4. I love thee for thy care for the community. Thank you so much for your donations to local school fund-raising projects. Thank you for making the fun kids meals with toys and goodies; it makes eating out at my restaurant with the kids fun and affordable.
  5. I love thee for thy caring staff. Bill Holt, General Manager, these past many years, does so much to make Sharp’s a terrific place. Vel Green, who greets customers like old friends (whether they are or not), and all the other staff; so many that have been there for years and years.
  6. I love thee for thy history. Sharp’s Roaster & Ale House was named after their first head chef when Timothy Firnstahl opened the doors on December 18, 1990. For those that don’t remember, there was a big ice and snow storm that day; your only customers were two police officers!
  7. I love thee for thy location. So close and easy to get to at 18427 Pacific Highway South in SeaTac, I can be there in moments without facing the heavy traffic of the Southcenter Area.
  8. I love thee for thy connection to Coast Hotels. With franchises at other Coast Hotels, it’s nice to know I can get your delicious food even when I’m out of town.

If you would like to learn more ways to love Sharps Roaster & Ale House, go to (A final note from the author: If your loved one does not return promptly from the restroom, don’t worry! They’re just in there reading the comics on the walls!)