Nearly 10 years ago, CeSI did a restaurant review on Sharps (read the story here). So does Sharps Roaster & Ale House hold up to the high reviews since our last visit? Read what four of our editors have to say after our lunch outing to Sharps Roaster & Ale House in SeaTac, Washington.

I ordered the Flav’r Gusto 4 Herb Chicken Roast with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli for $15.00. It was exactly what I expected it to be and was exactly what I wanted to order. It was certainly the best chicken I’ve had prepared in under 10 minutes! In addition, they fed my caffeine addiction well by always keeping my coffee topped off.

For dessert, I chose to indulge myself with the double fudge brownie and ice cream. To my surprise, our waitress Tracey brought out the brownie with a mini Roman candle pyrotechnic display that had sparks shooting out the top of the candle! The brownie was soft, warm, and quite decadent. Of the other three desserts we ordered, this was by far everyone’s favorite.

One critical note I’d like to make is that I’ve never taken this establishment seriously when passing by it on International Blvd, nor would have I thought that it could be this good. Why? Because of the cheesy flames paintjob on the outside of the building. To everyone else out there, don’t let those flames scare you away; this place is the real deal!

I opted to start off with an appetizer and ordered a cup of their All-Clam Clam Chowder. I would like to consider myself an unofficial clam chowder aficionado and was already skeptical about the lack of potato in the soup but I was in for a delightful surprise! The soup was incredible! It was rich, thick, and creamy with a fantastic amount of clams. Normally we pass around our dishes for everyone to taste but I was so completely absorbed by how delicious the soup was that I forgot to pass it around (sorry everyone)! If you are a fan of clam chowder, then I highly suggest you give Sharps’ chowder a try for only $4.50 a cup.

For my main dish, I ordered the Grilled Certified Angus Sirloin Dip moderately priced at $11 for the whole sandwich and $7.50 for half. This came on grilled artisan sourdough bread with certified Angus sirloin, aged Swiss cheese, fresh mustard horseradish cream, and a side of red wine au jus and freshly cut fries. I would rate this dish at 4/5 stars. The sandwich was tasty and filling but it unfortunately did not “wow” me as the chowder had done. Perhaps the amazing chowder had pushed my expectations too high for this dish.

Lastly, I ended the meal with a fun Thomas Kemper Root Beer Float which came in a large glass with straws and a mixing rod. Needless to say, Thomas Kemper floats are among the best root beer floats around, thus, I was quite happy with this dessert!

Final thoughts: Great atmosphere- fun, homey, and family friendly. Excellent service- we had Tracey as our server and she was spectacular. Mouthwatering menu- I know I will be going back again to try some of their other dishes including the Black Angus Radiant Roaster 10 Hour Prime Rib which is served during dinner.

Juicy, tender, and delicious meat. This is what I am huge fan of and Sharps’ delivered! I skipped the appetizers and went straight for the Half Certified Angus Prime Rib & Cheddar Dip for $12.00.

This succulent sandwich came with hand-sliced, high choice prime rib, butter grilled country white bread with melted 24-month aged sharp cheddar and mustard horseradish cream and a side of their red wine au jus and fries. The freshly cut fries were a great compliment to the sandwich and could be a satisfying meal on their own! The sandwich was of course the main event and it left me wanting another before I got too full!

I ordered their sundae for dessert and received a very unusually artistic version of the classic sundae. It came with a giant ring that was made of fried dough topped with cinnamon such as an elephant ear that you would get at the state fair. It’s safe to say I have never seen a sundae quite like it and it was wonderful.

My favorite part of our excursion to Sharps Roasthouse was their décor. In the bar, the tap wall and airplane propeller ceiling was fun and truly impressive. Lastly, I would like to mention their great selection of local beers. Although I chose not to partake in a beer this time around, I know I will be back with my friends and family to enjoy a game on the TV and a craft beer made locally.

I was very surprised by my visit to Sharps. I’ve passed by the restaurant so many times but never thought to try it out. I definitely will be back.

There are a couple things that made Sharps stand out to me, first, the quiet and inviting atmosphere. It would be a great place for lunch meetings. It’s not overly crowded or noisy. It’s also a great place for families. They use brown butcher paper as the table cloth and provide coloring crayons to for kids to color on the table. Plus they provide a bag full of fun things to keep the kids occupied. Second, I was surprised to find stated on their menu a guarantee that if their lunch was not served in 10 minutes or less it would be free! Not many sit down places (especially as tasty as Sharps) would offer a guarantee like that. And they were indeed quick and provided great service. Third, they provide a free bag of Fruitwood Smoking Chips with a Two Day Herb Chicken Recipe for everyone to take home. It felt like I was taking home a favor from a wedding or something since you really don’t see that in restaurants every day!

I ordered the Hot Tom Turkey Classic Open Faced Sandwich. It was like Thanksgiving Day goodness with delicious tender and juicy turkey served over sourdough bread, topped with gravy and served with mashed potatoes, a bit of cranberry, and broccoli topped with cheese. It wasn’t over the top in flavor. It was very delicious. Thanks Sharps for the great lunch!

There you have it folks! Overall, our mission was successful. Sharps Roasthouse did not disappoint. After all these years, they’ve still got it! If you would like more information on Sharps Roaster and Ale House, you can find it on their website at Until next time, stay classy Seattle!