In an economy that only feels like it is inching back up the mountain finding a niche in the business world is important. Every motivational speaker, job coach, self-help book touts the idea of working in your strengths and meeting needs in the community at large as the way to happiness in your work life. With that in mind, I opened Martin Correspondence – an online editing, review, and writing service. After years of working across multiple industries and finding myself enjoying the writing and editing process most out of my tasks it was time to go all the way and open a business for myself.

On a recent walk around MarketPlace at Factoria, I noticed Walmart had flowers for sale on the sidewalk. The sign said they were selling primeroses. I have never heard of primeroses before simply because they don’t exist. A simple edit could have saved Walmart’s signage and alerted customers to the beautiful primroses for sale. But lack of editing isn’t just a problem at Walmart. Have you ever sent a professional email only to immediately want to rescind it because you left a spelling error or typo? Did your child send in a college application that was never proofread? Has your business produced massive print marketing schemes to only find out the poor grammar skewed the message?

We live in a world of words and communication is flying back and forth faster than ever with blogs, emails, and text messages as well as the traditional memos, letters, and reports. Having an extra pair of eyes edit and review your best thoughts and ideas can be the difference between getting the job, landing the client, or making the deal. It can be the difference between a passing or failing grade. It can be the difference between selling your life story or never getting anyone to read it. That’s where Martin Correspondence can help. We can be your second pair of eyes. We can polish a resume, an email, a blog, dissertation, or other piece of writing. And if you have the ideas but can’t seem to get them down on paper, we can help.

It’s time we began watching what we say and write and share. Check out to learn more.