We’re starting a new somewhat regular series on Northwest Gold Coast, the Best OF series.  In it, we will ask CeSI employees, friends, family, and YOU the readers to share with us some of the best things the Northwest Gold Coast has to offer.

This week, we’re highlighting our favorite Indian restaurants!  While Seattle doesn’t have a Little India, isn’t Vancouver, Canada or even London for that matter we still have our share of great restaurants serving delicious curries and Northern or Southern cuisine (or maybe even both if we’re lucky)!

I love Mayuri Indian Restaurant located near Crossroads in Bellevue. It has my favorite mix of sweet and savory Butter Chicken and their buffet lunch is a great price. I was first introduced to them in 2009 at a job that brought in their boxed lunches weekly for $6.99 each. The butter chicken, tikka masala, scented rice, weekly vegetarian sampling, and naan are a price that can’t be beat in the whole Bellevue area for taste! Though I have since moved on from that job, I still travel to eat at Mayuri.  15400 NE 20th Suite 154 Bellevue, WA -Jennifer

One of my go to Indian places is Spice Route in Bellevue. Whenever you think of Indian food, it’s always naan, chicken tikka masala and tandoori chicken. There is a whole section of the sub-continent that is not well represented in most Indian buffets. Enter Spice route! If you’re willing to be a little adventurous and not judge the food by the first sight, your taste buds are in for a treat. The food is spicy, in more ways than one, but not too spicy to burn your tongue. Vegetarians will like that their meat part of the buffet is a full 20 feet away from the rest of their food. They have a new dosa stand that makes fresh masala dosas per order (Google it!) and have a fair selection of desserts. It’s not the cheapest, it’s not the *best* food per se, but when I want to be reminded of home, I go here.  2241 148th Ave Ne, Bellevue, WA   –Krupa

I love Taste of India, just north of the University District AND Saffron Grill, in Northgate west of I-5.  They are both owned by the family that used to run Cedars.  They are wonderful people with extremely attentive staff. Occasionally they give complimentary appetizers/desserts.  Your Chai or water will never be half empty.  They are just wonderful, enjoy!  Taste of India: 5517 Roosevelt Way Ne, Seattle, WA Saffron Grill: 2132 N Northgate Way, Seattle, WA  -Kristine

We enjoy Masala of India in Northgate, underneath the 24 Hour Fitness. We have enjoyed several intimate dinners in their previous location, with white tablecloths and candles.  The service is excellent; the butter chicken and rice pudding I’d recommend. The lunch buffet is a good price but different dining experience if you like buffets.  539 NE Northgate Way Ste B, Seattle, WA –Lauren

I like going to lunch at Taj Palace in Bellevue with groups because they accommodate both our size and our need for a quick lunch before our next meetings.  Their buffet is really good; it’s worthwhile for the lamb meatballs (as well as everything else).  2331 140th Ave Ne Ste A, Bellevue, WA -Robert

I know a sweet place where I like to eat Indian food. It is called my parents’ house! My mom is the head chef, and my brother is the sous chef.  Address Unknown -Nik

So readers, what is your favorite local Indian restaurant?  And what other BEST OF articles would you like to see and read, or even contribute to next?

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