My husband, Robert, bought me a season pass to Wild Waves for a Mother’s Day gift this year and one for himself so I don’t have to go alone!  I haven’t been in five years when I last had a season pass.  Funny story there, I worked down in Federal Way and was able to go for a run on my lunch break to Wild Waves, buy the season pass, ride one roller coaster, and then run back for the rest of my work day.  The entire roller coaster ride I wanted to yell with glee, “I’M ON MY LUNCH BREAK!!!”  Don’t worry, I didn’t say anything and just smiled as wide as possible.  I don’t feel like I will ever outgrow my love for amusement parks.  We are really lucky to live so close to one with not only amusement rides but also a water park.

I grew up going to this park.  I remember sitting by the fish fountain celebrating a preschool picnic.  I remember the first time I rode the squirrel cages with my uncle, my first upside down ride at eight years old.  My first twisted roller coaster was the Wild Thing at 13 years old and I thought I might die, but then had so much fun I rode it twice.  I remember when the two parks were separate and it was a lucky day if you had tickets to both and could switch.  The Wild Waves wave pool is the one I use as a standard for wave pools and even Mandalay Bay’s pool in Vegas still doesn’t compare.  I’ve been to concerts in the amphitheater, got sun burns and sun tans, and spent hours and hours in lines.

Robert and I decided to celebrate our season pass on Memorial Day, which was the first weekend both the rides and the water park were open.  This turned out to be a great plan, because the weather was 61 rainy degrees.  Parking does cost $10 a visit, so go prepared. We started with the amusement rides and then decided that we could handle the water park in the rain since the waters are kept warm and the lines were non-existent.

Wild Waves has a few new rides since my last visit five years ago, but is largely the same.  One of my beloved rides, the Falling Star is gone.  And a few other rides weren’t running that day.  But that fish fountain still exists, the kiddie speed boat ride will always be there, some of the water slides need a fresh coat of paint, and the bumper cars are still too slow in a too small room.

Even with all my memories, I don’t know if I have ever had so much fun at Wild Waves as I did Memorial Day.  I smiled like a three year old on their birthday.  I laughed on every roller coaster and we rode them each a few times.  We tested water slide after water slide.  We tried different routes to see which could get us through the most rides the fastest.  We went home very wet and sore from all the water slide stairs and the jerking brakes of the roller coasters, but happy.

And the best part is knowing we can go many more times this summer with our season pass!  I am glad Robert bought our passes early because prices only go up for both season passes and one-day visits. I can’t say if I want Wild Waves to change much because I obviously still love it.  Adult-me hasn’t grown tired of Wild Waves yet and I never plan to do so! 36201 ENCHANTED PKWY S, FEDERAL WAY, WA 98003