We’re ready to share another BEST OF series article on Thai Food.  The greater Seattle area is definitely known for having some top notch Asian food.  Thai restaurants are almost as easy to spot as coffee shops.  Some have the American style bright orange look in their Pad Thai, others are grease spoon sorts, and some are fresh and delicious but very expensive.  What sets the best apart from all the others?  Let’s see what our staff and readers have to say:

Martina and Ben–  Her: I like Chantanee in Bellevue because the food is great, the menu selection is perfect, the restaurant is located in a good spot and the crab wontons are delish.   At Chantanee, the Crab Wontons, the Pad Thai, Crispy Garlic Chicken (so yum,) and the curries are good..the prices are reasonable, especially for downtown Bellevue. The service is quick and good.  I’m a firm believer that if the Pad Thai is good, the food will be good and Chantanee definitely delivers on all of it. -Martina Ben disagrees.  Him: Chantanee in Bellevue is great, but Hanuman Thai Cafe in Kirkland is even better. Heavenly Beef is exactly that. Martina continues, supporting his approval but not as passionately as she supported Chantanee.  Her: Hanuman Thai Café is good too; definitely try the Heavenly Beef and Garlic Trout. http://www.chantanee.com/ versus http://hanumanthai-cafe.com/

AmandaThai Tom in the University District is my favorite, hands down. Obviously I consider myself a bit of an expert (Amanda lived in Thailand for two years) and their food is the closest to the real deal I’ve found around here. Careful though, EVERYTHING is spicy. And people need to break away from the Pad Thai. I love Gai Gratiem (garlic chicken), Pad Se Ew Gai, and my favorite, Gai nam phrik (chicken chili paste). Thai Tom 4543 University Way NE Seattle, WA 98105

Sarah–  Pen Thai in Bothell on Main Street is amazing! Love their Princess Favorite Chicken!  Martina likes this suggestion and adds, “Pen Thai in Bothell is the sister restaurant of Chantanee and has almost the same menu (minus the crab wontons)….delicious all around.”  http://www.penthai.com/

JenniferSimply Thai across from Southcenter Mall has long been my favorite place for Thai.  Every dish consistently arrives on your table quickly, beautiful, fragrant, and delicious.  And the portions always allow for leftovers.  My drink is never allowed to even reach half empty.  I recommend the Pad Se Ew and Millennium Fried Rice.  I love Simply Thai so much, my husband and I ate here on our wedding night after a wedding buffet of steak, sushi, and cake.  http://www.simplythaiseattle.com

RandyNoodle Boat  in Issaquah and the Saturday Thai expatriate menu at Thai Simple Curry in Seattle (International District and South Lake Union). There’s not really even a distant third in Seattle metro. In the case of these places, they don’t dumb down for the local palate. Dishes have dried shrimp and copious amounts of fish sauce. Complex flavors all around, which is a welcome change from the ketchup and sugar that passes as tamarind in most American Thai restaurants. They’re the closest that Seattle has to the mecca of Thai food in America – The Lotus of Siam in LA. http://www.noodleboat.com/  and  http://www.thaicurrysimple.com/

So readers, what is your favorite local Thai restaurant?  And what other BEST OF articles would you like to see and read, or even contribute to next?

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