When our son was born, my husband and I didn’t know what our date outings would look like or how they would change with Judah. We wanted to continue doing our favorite things; which included exploring new places in downtown Seattle, walking around Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, the waterfront, finding new parks in the area, and trying out new restaurants. Now we wanted to experience these activities as a family.

When Judah was an infant, we found it fairly easy to get out and about with him. He’d sit contently in his car seat looking at all the new sights. Plus he was so little, he often slept in his car seat and we’d just tote him around as he slept. Now he’s much too big to tote around in a car seat, and he loves to be moving, moving, moving, and always exploring the world around him.

For those of you looking for ideas on fun things to do with kids in our beautiful Seattle area, here are some activities that have worked well for our family!

Seattle Aquarium

At 13 months, Judah is very observant of his surroundings. He loves pointing at everything around him and asking “da” (his way of saying “what’s that?”). So the Seattle Aquarium was perfect to pique his curiosity. He loved looking at all variations of fish, birds, coral reef, seals, otters, and sea creatures.

Some of our favorite eye catching exhibits were the 20×40 foot Window on the Washington Waters which holds over 800 fish and other sea life, the Crashing Waves Exhibit, the Life on the Edge exhibit which allows visitors to see and feel starfish, sea cucumbers, hermit crabs, and sea urchins up close, the Life of a Drifter exhibit which are glass circles you can step into filled with jelly fish (pictured above) and Giant Pacific Octopus, and the Underwater Dome which is a “360 degree view into a 400,000 gallon tank filled with hundreds of fascinating Puget Sound fish” (link).  We didn’t catch any of the shows or daily activities, so we’ll have to plan them in on our next trip!

Walk around Green Lake

Green Lake Park is one of my favorite parks in the Seattle area (and that’s saying a lot because there are SO MANY beautiful parks in our area!). I love that every time I’ve gone, there have been so many people taking advantage of the outdoors, walking, running, roller skating, skateboarding, bicycling, you name it. You see people enjoying nature and enjoying other people’s company. The lake is surrounded by a paved pathway that is 2.8 miles long. There is also a large grass area next to Green Lake’s community center where you will see Frisbee, soccer, and other recreational games. It’s perfect for our little family. Judah loves the fresh air and pointing to the trees and sights and it’s a great time for me and my husband to get some good conversation in at the same time as getting a little exercise!

Picnic in a park

What could be better than a good old fashioned picnic in a park? You can make some sandwiches or stop by the grocery store and buy a rotisserie chicken and bring along some sides, drinks, cutlery, and a blanket and you’re good to go! I love it because you can take an ordinary evening and make it special just by taking it to the park.  And it’s free! Find a list of the aforementioned beautiful Seattle parks here.

What are some fun family activities that you have enjoyed in the Seattle area?  Let us know in the comments section below!