I was wondering how many Farmers Markets were around the bountiful Northwest Gold Coast area and found this great site http://www.pugetsoundfresh.org/farmers_markets_list.asp?countyID=4%3BKing&weekday=Any that listed over 35 market opportunities by location and day!  I’ve only been to seven on the list.  Summertime is one of the best times to live in the region because of the amazing produce, artisan foods, specialty crafts, and other fine items.  Obviously having only visited seven of the market days I am missing out on many tasty, beautiful, and unique products.

Last year, we bought a box of Roma tomatoes from the Redmond Saturday Market and then create many jars of tomato sauce.  Sadly, it didn’t last us the entire year until tomato season starts again but we did get to spring.  .  My goal this year is to enjoy the height of the market season with enough foresight to find opportunities to celebrate it year round.  So far we’ve already made seven containers of strawberry freezer jam and blanched & froze many pounds of bright, fresh asparagus.  We hope to make at least twice as much tomato sauce this year too at a minimum.  We hope to prep and freeze other fruit for smoothies year round too. I have already flipped through a friend’s copy of Bellevue Farmers Market Cookbook for more ideas.

What produce and products are you excitedly waiting on at the local Farmers Markets this year? 

What do you do to enjoy the best items year round?

How many Farmers Markets have you visited on the list?  Which ones would you still like to visit?