Organic berries

As you have probably seen Seattle just was voted the city with the best summer weather,, which most locals already knew. It is definitely not the season to spend indoors. So our Summer 2013 Bucket List is focused on the outdoors and just a few of the splendid thing Seattle has to offer within its neighborhoods and surrounding areas.

Berry Picking-Just about every kind of berry you can think of grows here, plus we breed a few extra as a region too in the forms of hybrids. Whether you go to an actual U-Pick Farm (Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm and Remlinger Farms are my current favorites) or just peruse your local park or overgrown street areas, don’t miss out on this season’s bounty.

Climb a Mountain- Have you ever flown home to Seattle surrounded by strangers who have never seen a real mountain and find themselves blown away by the Cascades?  I have and it is a reminder of just how wonderful our mountain views are around here, lest we become jaded.  Best part, is most of these mountains can be reached and climbed, in a half day or less. Washington Trails Association

Visit an Island- If you struggle to choose between a mountain or beach view, living in the Northwest Gold Coast region you’re rarely asked to decide.  In the same splendid way we have access to glorious mountains within short distances, our beaches are often shorter.  Get out this summer and get a tan, go bird watching, go camping, eat great food, hunt for hermit crabs, get some rest, and my favorite take a ferry to some lovely nearby island where you can do all of the activities in one day.  Washington State Islands and Washington State Ferries

Ride a Bike- Explore Seattle and some of its fabulous parks the green way, via bike!  Biking Seattle by NWGC and Seattle Interactive Bicycle Map

Get on a Boat- With so many waterways, one of the most unique ways to explore the Seattle area is by boat.  You don’t even have to own a 50 foot yacht to do so.  UW Canoe and Rowboat Rentals  and Learn to Sail

See Some Artwork- Seattle is a town filled with great artists and artwork.  But you don’t have to wait till the rainy season to see it.  Seattle Art Walks and Olympic Sculpture Park

So what are you doing?  Get out there! Don’t forget to add more can’t-miss outdoor activities in the comments section.