swedish chef

Growing up were you the kid with the homemade costume for Halloween every year? Or did your family go out and buy new store bought costumes each year? We did a mix, depending on the budget and costume plan each year. As an adult I have largely made my own costumes with the help of items from Goodwill or Value Village, plus some good old fashioned closet raiding. See my Swedish Chef above for an idea of a mixed costume creation (and can you believe that at a party of 130 people, mostly teenagers, only one person recognized the Swedish Chef?)

And yes, I still dress up-I love Halloween. There aren’t enough costume parties in life so why miss out on this one? Last year, even when eight months pregnant I worked at Party City seasonally selling costumes and watching people try on loads of costumes, buy props, and create the ultimate experience for October 31st. I’m excited to have an eight month baby to dress up this year and not just a belly!

My favorite local store for Halloween planning or any party for that matter is Party @ Display and Costume with locations in Everett, Northgate, and Issaquah. This store is giant and always has a large helpful staff plus changing rooms to try different costumes, masks, even props out. There’s also Party City , a large chain from New Jersey with great prices available all around town. And pop-up stores for Spirit Halloween appear across town this season too.

Tips for getting the best deal:

    1. See what you can make/adapt from items at home or from thrift stores. Be creative!
    2. Check a local store and then compare with online prices for the best deal.
    3. Start early. I prefer to design and buy any pieces I need in September because it’s when the best selection is available and the best prices. (I saw too many sad kids coming in for Hawkeye or Ninja costumes at Party City last year that were sold out by mid or even early-October.)

If you need a few costume ideas to get your creative juices flowing here you go: Duck Dynasty, Royal Baby Prince George, Wreck it Ralph, Sharknado, or a Twinkie. Helpful? What are you going to be? And where do you usually get your costume?