Jordan ComarWe’re taking a look back at some of the fabulous employees that have worked to make Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc. the great place that it is, even if they have moved on to different positions and companies.

Jordan Comar

Jordan Comar graduated from Washington State University with a BS in Business Administration in 2010 where he helped launch a chapter of the Delta Sigma Pi – Professional Business Fraternity. He interviewed with Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc. in December 2010 while still living in his hometown, Spokane. He came over the mountains for the meeting and on the drive back to Spokane was hired by Elizabeth Paulsen over the phone. In his own words, “I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know what to say and chose not to say much so that I wouldn’t mess it up, haha.” His prior work experience included serving as cabin staff at Camp Killoqua in Stanwood, Washington.

He went on to become CeSI’s second Google AdWords expert and analysis/reporting guru following his mentor and friend, Risa Miller. He then became so proficient that he trained CeSI’s third Google AdWords expert, Jeff Newhall. He worked with CeSI for two and a half years during which time he helped clients increase their web traffic and client base. Throughout his tenure at CeSI he involved the staff in fun antics such as playing Gandalf and slaying the dragon “Elgoog” (“Google” backwards).

During this time he also pursued his interest in playing Wizards of the Coast games during the evenings and weekends. This led to his next position as web producer for the website as well as the weekend events coverage team at Wizards of the Coast. For years, he had been a huge fan of Wizard’s products and it had been his dream to work there.

Thanks to his time and training at CeSI, he learned how to code in HTML which is vital to his current position. He says he learned how to be an effective leader thanks to Elizabeth Paulsen. “She was, hands down, the best boss I’ve ever had and I’ve learned a lot from her and hope to mimic her excellent managerial skills when I’m in a similar position.”

It is important to Jordan to create a fun environment at work which was much appreciated at CeSI. At CeSI he had a blast hosting their own office Olympics, harmless pranks, and goofy shenanigans. Now at Wizards, he is surrounded by people who love all the same games as him and they are able to play together nearly every day at work. He was recently sent out, with others, as a strike team to the floor below his work floor to fight for pride and honor with Nerf guns. “We lost but we shall have our revenge!” he concludes. Jordan and his great sense of humor are missed at CeSI but we are so excited to know that his passion and talents are being used in his dream company!

CeSI staff were proud to have had Jordan on the CeSI team and are happy that he has found a new home among gamer friends. Well done, Jordan!