staff2013Never has there been a  year in which we have had more for which to give thanks.

Just before the New Year the Paulsen family was happy for the addition of a grandson (son of Robert and Jennifer Martin) and a son-in-law (Nicholas Nair, husband of Joanne).  Nicholas and Joanne each graduated from college in May and were married in early August.  Rebekka went to Costa Rica for a missions trip.  And Elizabeth donated a kidney and Glynn gained a kidney and then was able to quit home hemodialysis.

And thanks to amazing staff, partners and clients the company grew adding both new clients and new services throughout the year.


Staff Updates:

Farewells to Jordan and Kevin (far left).  Per last month’s article after over two and a half  years with CeSI Jordan Comar accepted his dream job at Wizards of the Coast in May and Kevin Cushing accepted a position in computer programming with a major truck manufacturer just this month.  We are proud of and happy for both of them and wish them great success in their new positions.

Welcome to two three new/returning staff!

CeSI welcomes back Jennifer Martin (far right) and Wesley Redding (second from left, in the back).  Jennifer serves as social media strategist for CeSI, and several of our clients.

Wesley worked with CeSI as a Big Picture High School intern from 2009 to 2011.  Since that time he studied computer networking and worked with the Highline Schools Department of Technology Services.  He is back at CeSI as bookkeeper and web traffic analyst.

Says Wesley, “I am back at CeSI.  After graduating I had been looking for a job where I could use my skills and continue to learn more about technology and business. CeSI was always the first place that came to mind. The work environment was very calm and comfortable making it easy to get work done.  I enjoyed the work that I was doing at CeSI and really missed it. When I heard that there was a chance to work at CeSI again, I jumped into action. I sent an email asking for an interview later that day. I feel very lucky to be back at CeSI doing a lot of the work that I enjoyed so much. I am excited to learn more about web design and being more involved as an employee.”

CeSI also welcomes Charles Williams (photo and more detailed profile coming next month).  Hired on December 11, 2013 Charles brings web programming, videography and music c0mposition skills to the company.

We’re excited to be growing and anticipate even more growth next year.

We hope that you and  yours all have a Very Merry Christmas!