If you have vacation days coming up and are staying around the Northwest Gold Coast area for the holidays, consider touring Seattle itself again. You don’t have to wait for guests to check out the wonders the Seattle region offers. Even if you don’t have vacation days coming up, we encourage you to take a weekend and enjoy the amazing sights and adventures.

My husband, Robert, is on paternity leave from his company thanks to our nearly one year old son. Amidst extra house projects and rest, we also found time for an afternoon in Seattle. This always feels like an adventure since we live in Redmond, on the Eastside. Seattle isn’t far, but something about crossing Lake Washington often feels like a real journey. But this trip, like all, was completely worth it.

We originally meant to make it a short afternoon shopping trip and holiday light seeing. But then Robert realized he couldn’t remember riding the Monorail despite living here most of his life. So we got some cash (since they are cash only, we wish they’d take ORCA cards soon) and hopped on towards the Seattle Center. While there, we decided to go up the Space Needle since he couldn’t remember doing that before either and the winter sunset was so lovely that day. We had a great time, exploring the rest of that area. We saw a huge model train set display at The Armory, had dinner at Westlake Center, and ice cream cones before heading back on the Monorail, and then 520 bridge home.

It was largely an impromptu day but one we won’t forget in a long while now. And I’m sure we’ll go back when our son can remember such trips too. But the photos are worth many words! Send us your staycation photos too!