I am a big fan of new years, be it calendar years or birthdays. Not that I love to see time rushing by but I like the hope of another new day, maybe a month, year, decade! Since more time means more room for creativity, dreams, vacations, and serving others it also means I have to prioritize the life I already am living. I find this easiest to do when I work towards a minimalist life. Simplifying what I have and do so I have time to life an extraordinary life is important to me. I simplify in the new years with to-do lists, instead resolutions or goals. And what better way to get started on a to-do list than to jump right in and do as much as you can as quickly as possible?

What’s on my New Year to-do list:

  • Six simple items to help me be happier online in 2014 (using my short article from last January’s Northwest Gold Coast newsletter.
  • Filing business taxes as quickly as possible without doing a shoddy job, of course. I have until the end of the month but the earlier I get to work, the earlier I can get to things that are more fun.
  • Editing through our family’s paperwork files, shredding what we don’t need or filing the rest away for long term storage. This also included organizing paperwork we received and piled up during the holidays. We also updated our filing system and changed labels as needed based on new accounts and some we no longer use.
  • Setting family budget goals for the New Year. Now that we are debt free, except for the mortgage our next big goal is saving up a full six month emergency fund. We also have an international trip planned for February to see good friends as a big debt-free celebration! The details are planned and paid for and now we’re just saving for spending money and meals out.
  • Decluttering. By the 7th of January, we’d already found 150 items to declutter and donate to charity. And there’s so much more to go! We’re aiming for 15 minutes every few days to get through it slowly but steadily.
  • Organizing the stuff we want to keep after the big decluttering. For us this is a lot of books and kids toys. And with our second son on the way, we need a system developed before two little guys are emptying every cabinet and container of toys in sight!
  • Decorating our combined living room and dining room. We have a lot of unfinished projects; filling photo frames we’ve saved up for years, hanging up special items we have collected from our travels, and highlighting art we have bought and never shared. I am following Apartment Therapy’s January Cure to keep me on track with this project.
  • Finding a manageable way to tackle projects, especially those long unfinished. This article is my focus for the rest of the year project wise.

What’s on your New Year to do list?