Photo from KOMOTV.

Photo from KOMOTV.

You’d have to live in a cave to NOT know that the Seattle Seahawks are facing off against the Denver Broncos this Sunday, February 2nd in Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey. This is the Seahawks second time ever at the Super Bowl (and that game was lost to the refs). This Sunday is a BIG GAME. Go big, even at home with Seattle themed Super Bowl food for your own party as we cheer the Hawks onto the win!

Some of our favorite ideas:

We’re loving this idea of a Super Dim Sum Bowl celebrating Seattle’s great Asian history and food culture.

Tailgating ala Dick’s Burgers style…no substitutions! And Seattle-style hotdogs with cream cheese.

How about a crab boil and salmon bake, like The Crab Pot?

There’s always Top Pot Doughnuts!

For the healthier palates (even on Super Bowl Sunday) a fruit salad with Washington apples and Rainier cherries.

For the above 21 crowd, local microbrews of course.

Try and make your own Ezell’s chicken at home with a side of Safeco garlic fries.

Do we need to say local delicious coffee?

And you certainly need the brand new, limited time only Seattle Mix Skittles-thanks Marshawn Lynch!