charles-250Charles moved to the Seattle area in the summer of 2011, after 27 years in Tempe, Arizona (part of the metropolitan Phoenix area), where he graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Music Theory and Composition, and thereafter, began working for the university. During his time at ASU, Charles fell in love with technology when he was given the opportunity to learn CSS, HTML and MS Access, opening doors for him to develop and manage websites and databases within the Executive Vice President’s Office.

Over time, Charles’s skillset expanded with the changes in web technology to include some experience with JavaScript, PHP and the content management framework, Drupal.

Eventually, Charles’ career moved in a more multimedia direction, as he was offered opportunities to take on video projects in support of the Office of the Vice President for Education Partnerships.

Charles says, “I am excited about the many challenges that come from working at a firm like CeSI, and how my experience may contribute to the services they provide to their clients”.