zoopas01Last Friday my three grown daughters, grandson, two friends, and I had lunch at Zoopa’s Organic.  Located across the street from Westfield Southcenter Mall near Target, Zoopa’s Organic retains the buffet layout of the original Zoopa’s but with an organic focus.  Each organic item is clearly marked as such with the logo of Freggies.  The vegetables are freshly cut, crispy, and tasty.  The shredded beets were especially flavorful.

In addition to a comprehensive salad bar guests can choose from several pasta entrees, bagel pizzas, and at least four soups.  The options are so varied that special diets such as organic only, gluten free, pork free, vegetarian, vegan and whole food juice only can all be accommodated.

Note: For an extra charge guests can select whole fruits and vegetables for juicing or smoothie production at the juice bar.

zoopas04The bakery area is constantly being replenished with freshly baked peanut butter and chocolate chips and mini muffins.  The carrot and raisin mini muffins were a favorite of my toddler grandson.  The peanut butter cookies were my favorite1

Local Fult Tilt soft serve ice cream also is available in chocolate, vanilla. and swirl with a choice of nut and granola toppings as well as chocolate syrup.  And other baked goods such as a berry crumble and a Mexican/German chocolate cake are available.

Cost for an adult for the lunch salad bar with proteins and a soda including a 20% tip is $15/person.  However, if you’re quick you may be able to cash in on the current Groupon special of $29.99 for a punch card for six dine-in lunches or ToGo Boxes.

We recommend that you ignore the online notices that Zoopa’s Southcenter is still closed and you visit the restaurant for yourself.