by Kimberly Rutherford Martin Koski of Access Windows and GlassMike Smith of Access Windows and Glass

In the late 1990’s, Mike Smith and Martin Koski were two men who shared a common interest in muscle cars. A 1972 Dodge Duster was the foundation of what would eventually evolve into a successful business: Access Windows and Glass.

At the time, both Mike and Martin were working independently as subcontractors. As friends who spent much of their leisure time together in an auto rebuild shop, they discovered they had a set of skills that complimented one another. Mike was experienced in exterior remodels and Martin was experienced in glasswork. They realized that these areas of expertise could be combined into a new business opportunity. They worked hard, saved a few dollars, and shortly after launched Access Windows and Glass.

Located in Puyallup, WA, Access Windows and Glass is a well-established business that offers residential and commercial window, door and glass services. Mike focuses on the residential work and Martin focuses on the commercial work. Together they are well respected throughout the region for standard and custom jobs and have partners all over Washington State and the West Coast. If you need mirrors, they’ve got them. If you need imported Italian windows for your downtown office, just ask. Have a window break in the middle of the night? Access Windows and Glass has you covered with 24/7 emergency board-ups!

Now, in celebration of their 10 year anniversary, Mike and Martin will be taking their staff out for a paid, fun filled day of celebration which will include go-carting, glass appreciation, and some good old fashioned range shooting.

Hardworking, loyal and creative. No better words describe these two friends/business partners.

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