“Lighter, brighter, and shinier”.

Soggy Doggy Staff

Soggy Doggy Staff

These are adjectives that customers use when they enter the new Soggy Doggy self-serve dog wash and bakery located in Normandy Park Towne Center at 19893 1st Avenue South Normandy Park, WA 98148.

And yet, many of the furnishings and equipment have been brought to the new store from the old one in Des Moines such as the six large blue ramped tubs and the cabinets and slat display walls.

The newer fresher look is achieved by ten foot high ceilings, lighter/trendier paint color, windows that have less overhang in front (less shadow) and, of course, location in a newer building in a newer shopping complex. Plus, there are two new grooming tables, new commercial grade washers and dryer, and new speed controlled blow dryers that are suspended from the ceiling for freer range of motion and gradual, smooth adjustment ranging from no flow to a strong flow so that dogs can enjoy the drying process without being startled by sudden volume and air pressure changes.

The color scheme is still blue for its calming effect, but it is a lighter, livelier blue and the art work in the front room includes large prints of pet photos taken by the owner’s sister, a professional photographer. Plus, there are two big screen televisions and new mini tubs for smaller breeds.

Owners, David and Heather Goretski, describe the shopping complex as “an at-home parent’s dream” in that it includes a high-end grocery market, fitness center, child care center, coffee shop, pizza shop, pho shop, and many personal and family services such as hair salon, nail salon, and chiropractor all in the same complex. This allows the homeowner to drive once, walk just a bit and easily access the products and services that are most necessary to a local family. And what’s more the prices in the businesses are comparable to others in the area. Plus, ideal for the Soggy Doggy is co-location with an affordable, state of the art walk-in veterinarian service, Priceless Pet Clinic, www.pricelesspetclinic.com right next door.

And coinciding with the relocation of the original Des Moines store to this newest Normandy Park store is the launch of the new Soggy Doggy website at www.thesoggydoggy.com. The new website offers products for sale online plus online scheduling of self-serve grooms and minor trims and a new brush and bath service that is coming soon to the Normandy Park store.

To learn more stop by the store, you just might see David and Heather’s Finnish Lapphunds, Gemmalyn and Taavi, or their Weimaraner, Sopie, and/or visit http://www.thesoggydoggy.com/.