Most business owners will tell you they started a business because they had a great idea. Or, they grew up in a family business and eventually took over the reins from mom or dad. Lauren OwenNobody starts a business so that they can be “the boss”. But, like it or not, everyone ends up as one the minute they hire their first employee. And that’s where the fun (and stress) begins!

“I call it being the ‘boss by default’ syndrome,” says executive coach and CEO Peer Group leader, Lauren Owen. “My clients know the success of their company depends on their ability to hire, manage, inspire, motivate and keep good people. They’ve made a commitment to be a better boss and so that becomes our first goal. As they become a better boss, the more successful their business is and the less stressful their personal life becomes.”

Whether it’s working one-on-one with executives, leading a CEO peer group, or speaking to an audience of business owners, Lauren likes to give people practical tools they can use immediately once they get back to their own companies. In her CEO peer groups, her clients get the chance to learn best practices from each other and avoid making mistakes that their peer group members have already made.

Lauren’s effectiveness as a speaker comes from her ability to apply her business knowledge and experience to address common challenges. She pulls together her presentations according to the needs of her audience and encourages a high degree of participation with hands-on, practical approaches to business challenges. “We’ve all been to ‘motivational talks’ that are fun and feel good at the time, and then we go right back to doing things the same old way. I make people practice so that they can apply what they’ve learned right away. Plus, it’s a lot more fun for everyone.”

Lauren’s extensive speaking experience includes over 50 engagements to such groups as the Washington State Small Business Development Center Advisors, Association of Small Business Development Centers National Conference, the International Franchise Association, the Australian and Canadian Franchise Associations, World Sign Associates, Spring Green Lawn Care Franchise Group, and Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA).

Some of Lauren’s most requested workshops include:

Here is what Lauren’s clients say about her:

“As a result of Lauren’s wisdom and coaching I am a better leader and free to engage in the long-term planning and oversight that inspires focus on the state of the company and where we need to make changes. My employees are more productive and confident and the referrals from clients have increased our business dramatically.”  Renee Ries, President, Fairchild Records, Tumwater, Washington

“Over my 30 year career I have worked with a number of business coaches, however Lauren is the best. She comes to the table with your agenda not hers. She is insightful. She has guided me though some very tough decisions. She keeps me on point and always has timely recommendations for marketing and managing your business. She always goes above and beyond.” Boyce Goff, CPA, President, GDC Financial Services, Bellevue, Washington

“Lauren is a terrific public speaker. I brought her in to conduct a workshop on “coaching conversations for business leaders” and couldn’t have been more pleased with her ability to engage and inspire the audience. Lives were enriched as a result of the content Lauren shared that day!”   Earl Bell, Founder, Winning in Business Master Academy, Seattle, Washington

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