A few days ago I went to The Soggy Doggy.  I had seen the store many times and had wanted to see what it was like to wash a dog in there.  I don’t have a K-9 buddy of my own which made it hard to experience a dog wash. You can imagine when my girlfriend, Justice, asked if I wanted to come with to take her neighbor’s dog to The Soggy Doggy.  I was more than willing to go!


This is Luna, she is a very happy and friendly puppy. Luna likes her walks so much, I couldn’t get a good picture of her until we were at the Soggy Doggy. Luna already really likes Normandy Park Town Center because she can go see other dogs, get treats from Ace Hardware, and get lots attention from other people. Luna also has a bit of an attitude. When she is out for a walk and she wants something she will drag you in that direction. If she doesn’t get what she wants, she will plop right down and not move until she does.


When we walked in, we were welcomed and informed of the services such as self-wash, nail trimmings, pad trimming, and more. We wanted to wash Luna ourselves to get the full Soggy Doggy experience. We were brought over to the big tubs and got help getting Luna into the tub and situated for her bath. This involved getting her collars off and putting on the one provided for the wash that was connected to the bath. To ensure that Luna didn’t run out of the bath there is a short leash and collar that is hooked to the front of the bath, but as you can see, see seems very ready for her bath.


I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the selection of soaps include options for dogs that might have skin issues and that we were given a soap for her body and no tears soap for her head. I know for a fact that children don’t like having soap stinging their eyes, I dread the thought of a dog going through that. The soap we chose was a minty scented one.

First we started with a soak.

As you can see in the picture, the nozzle is one with many spraying options. I think Luna really liked it. Just look at her face!


Once Luna had officially became a soggy doggy, it was about time for us to lather her with the soap. We didn’t need a lot of soap since Luna has very short fur.


You may not be able to see the soap suds on her fur but you can see her happy face as she gets her back rubbed!

After a quick rinse, it was time for her head.

The next thing we needed to do was wash Luna’s head and this proved to be one of the most exciting parts. First, Justice lathered all over her head to make sure that everything was clean. All was good, until we tried to rinse her. As I found out, if you get Luna’s head wet in a certain spot, she will shake, everything. This sprayed us with water and soap. At the time I wasn’t wearing one of the aprons to fend off such things. I quickly put one on. Luna of course still had soap to be rinsed. We sprayed lightly with water and were immediately granted the honor of a second soaking of our own. This time around, I found out that the no tears soap is also good for the washers (I got soap in my eyes).


Now that we were all done washing Luna it was time to get her all dried off and ready to show off her freshly cleaned fur. There was a stack of towels ready for us to use and a fur dryer. We rubbed her down with the towels to get most of the water off, but something happened we hadn’t anticipated. Luna sat down and got her tail end wet all over again.


We didn’t know how to clean Luna’s ears with the ear cleaning solution they had. I went up to ask. We were kindly instructed how to clean her ears. I was surprised to learn all you have to do is take the ear cleaner, put a little on the pad (both are supplied), and gently rub the inside and outside of the ear. Luna of course didn’t like having her ears cleaned. We were also told that if we laid the towels down the in the tub she would dry faster, even when she sits down. This was a great plan but, someone, didn’t want to sit on the towels.


After a quick air dry from the fur dryer, Luna was free to come out of the tub and show off her freshly cleaned coat! Something I forgot to mention is, Luna loves to eat. While Justice was paying for the bath, I was talking to another employee about Luna. Being sneaky, little Luna decided that she wanted to try going behind the counter, then into the toys, and finally got what she wanted when she tried to eat some food samples in little baggies. Sadly, I was unable to get an after picture of Luna because she was, again, unable to stay still for too long. The picture below is the best I could do.


All in all, I really enjoyed our trip to The Soggy Doggy. We had all the things we needed to make sure Luna was clean, Luna got some treats, and we all had fun. I would definitely go again when I can and recommend that others to go to The Soggy Doggy for a dog wash. Luna really liked it too.


She didn’t want to go home.

If you would like take your K-9 pal to The Soggy Doggy, click the link below!