Seattle Airport has seen a capacity of not only passengers but has had an 11% increase in Cargo mainly to the Asia markets. The new expansion increases the capacity for the type of aircraft primarily used by the international freight operators.

Let’s just talk about Cherry season for July 2015.   The seasonal export peak for Pacific Northwest cherries is about this time and the total volume estimates total 15,500 metric tons (34 million pounds).

Asia air export tonnage volumes spike during the peak cherry export months and some Asia trade routes served by freighters see an increase from 30 to 300 percent during cherry season. The most active freighters one-third of their volume can occur in one month – typically July.

An estimated $12.7 billion worth of air freight is exported to domestic an international markets through Sea Tac each year while another $13.6 billion is imported. Washington State estimates that cargo volume yearly hits and average of $22.7 billion dollars.

This is exactly why the Port of Seattle has chosen to increase the growth by expansion at the airport. Win Win for Everyone.