Let me tell you a little bit about one of my favorite local eateries, The Des Moines Doghouse. Now, you’ll come to learn through later posts that I have many favorites, but this is definitely a contender. My husband went along with me on this little adventure. He hadn’t been to the Doghouse in quite a while, but he (of course) loved it!
The Des Moines Doghouse is located down by the marina among many other fantastic local businesses and restaurants. You can go there after scoping out the farmers market or before heading to the park. When you walk in you feel comfortable, it’s on the small and cozy side. They have all sorts of decorations on the walls and photos of dogs all over their tables. If you haven’t figured it out yet by the name of the place or the hotdog sign on the front of their building…they are a hotdog joint.

With this hot dog establishment being located down by the marina it’s the perfect place to go with your family, on a lunch date with a friend or to stop while riding your Harley down the marina, especially on a sunny day. It was nice out the day we went so some people opted to make use of their outdoor seating (which is the best during summer). However, it was a little too chilly for my husband and me, so we stayed inside (close to the TOPPINGS BAR).
Now let’s talk about what really matters here, the food. I ordered the “Waterland Dog” and an order of onion rings. FANTASTIC. 8 bucks, it’s like a Seattle Dog, but better. It has all the usual fixings of a Seattle Dog (cream cheese, grilled onions), but the hotdog is butterflied, wrapped in bacon and deep fried. It is such a brilliant take on the Seattle favorite. I love how the Doghouse took it and made it their own. Not only was the hotdog amazing, but so were the onion rings. They are one of my family’s favorite. Sometimes we’ll order them to-go and add them to a meal at home.
The Waterland Dog was radical and I certainly got my money’s worth, but maybe you’re like my husband and you like things on the plainer side? In that case you may want to try one of their $2 corn dogs, or try what my husband ordered, the  Bacon Dog. My husband loved their classic crinkle cut fries and toppings bar.
There were so many choices there that you could order something simpler and make it however you’d like. The only regret my husband had was not adding cream cheese to his Bacon Dog. Next time buddy, next time.
Another thing that makes the Doghouse stand out is there selection of Colombian foods. They carry a few items on their menu – empanadas, arepas and sausage to name a few. They also have a much wider variety of hot dog and sausage choices than what we had ordered ourselves. They have a Chicago dog, Chili dog and fries, chicken and turkey options and various other sausages.

Whether you’re visiting from out of town or your local to the area and would like to avoid going downtown to get a Seattle Dog from a hotdog cart, DEFINITELY make sure you check out the Des Moines Doghouse. I’ve always gotten my orders quickly, received amazing service and their pricing is incredibly fair. It is well worth every penny spent.

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