The past several years have included some wonderful celebrations for me and my family.  Two daughters completed college and subsequently got married to wonderful sons-in-laws, two grandsons were added to the family and our third daughter transitioned from high school to an AA and to four year college.

However, they also have been tough years for me and my family.  My husband experienced kidney failure, he and I did hemodialysis at home for 8 months, he got a new kidney and then it succumbed to a virus and now he is back on dialysis awaiting another kidney transplant plus I lost my father, had major surgery and then lost my mother.  It was a season of struggle and loss.

And yet throughout this middle-season of life, we’ve had wonderful staff who have helped our business, Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc. aka CeSI, move forward and have helped our clients move their businesses forward even when my family and I were preoccupied with life issues.

Thankfully, God has seen us through the ups and downs and we believe we are entering a new phase of personal and business life.

So where does one start, when in effect starting over after a tough season?

To some extent you go back and pick up old things that were put on the back burner – the things and relationships that brought growth and satisfaction in the past.  Things like exercising at the local YMCA, going on a diet that has worked to take off weight before, getting more involved in music and children’s programs at church and getting more involved in the community including re-launching our area focused blog and email newsletter known as Northwest Gold Coast.

Part of that community involvement is getting back into the local chamber of commerce which has undergone its own ups and downs since I’d been away.  Many things about the chamber changed in my absence.  The name went from Southwest King County Chamber of Commerce to Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce, a move I totally support as it brings the chamber into alignment with our local tourism authority.  Some committees and functions have been sunsetted while new ones have appeared. Leadership also changed as Andrea Reay is now at the helm.

And yet many things about the chamber have remained.  For example, the chamber is still a place that brings business owners and operators together to advocate for business in our region and to provide a base of communications for entities that rely on business partnerships such as local schools and nonprofits.  And one staff, Cindy Joaquin, remains as she supports the financial administration of the chamber.  Plus while many members have come and gone, there are familiar faces at chamber mixers and lunches such as Catherine Carbone-Rogers and Bud Condon.

So here I am returning to past connections to build up our business and community as we move forward into the future.  Joining me are our able staff.  You can expect to see me at the Matt Griffin YMCA, at Angle Lake Neighborhood Church, at the Chamber’s Education & Workforce Development Committte and some breakfasts, lunches and mixers.  At the same time you can expect to see our marketing specialist, Keturah Boyts at Chamber Ambassador Committee meetings and lunches and mixers and see one of our developers, Ed Keener at Chamber breakfasts.

Please feel free to call me at 206-244-9092 or email if you have any questions about our involvement in the chamber or local activities.

I thank all those who have supported my family and I as well as our business over the past several years and I hope to see you soon as I make my way back to the future.