As a veteran Internet marketing consultant that has worked with many emerging businesses, I am often asked this question.

In response I ask the new business owner to share with me

  • the name of their business and how it got that name,
  • a description of its services and products,
  • a description of its ideal client or customer,
  • its intended geographic reach, and
  • a statement of what will make the business unique in its market niche.

If the business owner can’t answer these questions succinctly, then I respond by encouraging them to meet with a local Small Business Development Center or SCORE consultant to get help with answering these questions.

If the business owner can answer these questions, then I ask whether they have developed a logo, company colors or any other brand identity pieces.  If they don’t have these then I recommend that we start with these with the goal of developing a logo and business card that will help the business owner make traditional in person connections with potential customers or clients.

Next I recommend the following marketing strategies.

  • Keyword research to identify the phrases that people might use to find the business online.
  • Content development to include drafting strong text for at least ten keyword rich web and blog pages.
  • A mobile friendly, quick-to-load website with on page and in site natural search optimization strategies implemented. Ideally the website would include a blog.
  • Optimized pages in local maps and review website such as Google My Business (Maps), Yelp, and Linked In and industry-specific web pages such as Etsy and Houzz.  These support off page optimization of the website in that they link to the website.
  • Online reputation monitoring and coordination,
  • Email marketing,
  • Pay per click marketing,
  • Social marketing (selection of specific strategies such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, etc. depending upon market niche and ideal customer demographics).

To help businesses develop a prioritized outline of possible marketing strategies, I offer a one hour complimentary consultation. To schedule your complimentary consultation, please phone me at 206.244.9092 or email