Here is their sticker wall where they collect stickers they have made. | A Small Business With A Huge Vision

Year: 2002
Location: A garage in the Pacific Northwest (True Seattle Style)

One guy started a business that now employs more than 25 humans and works with over 6,000 clients worldwide.

Daniel Diederichs is the master mind behind Daniel has always been an entrepreneur; when he was a kid he set up a stand with a friend selling candy in a cul-de-sac. While in college Daniel worked for a clothing company that made customized clothes for other companies. On those shipments they would have their company sticker. As Daniel was often focused on branding. He saw the need for these companies to have branded stickers; there was a margin for stickers. Due to differences in vision Daniel parted ways with the clothing company and ventured into the world of stickers.

Close-up of the sticker wall.

The sticker industry at that time was over-priced and would leave customers under-serviced. Daniel made a point to do business differently than other companies. After the business had been running for a few years Daniel still didn’t have a website. He was at a family function and his grandfather asked why he didn’t have a website. At that time it was just too expensive, so he asked how much it would cost to get a website. His grandfather said he’d see what he could do when he came back from vacation. When his grandparents got back from their trip they handed Daniel a card telling him how much they believed in him and that card had a check for the full amount needed to build the website. was born, business skyrocketed and Daniel still has that card on his desk.

This company has many mottos and motivations that drive their business and the work they do. A few of their inspirations are wallet vs. relationship (what’s driving you?), it’s not about what you make; it’s how you make it, humans not robots and power to the makers. (We’ll talk more about a few of these later.) Daniel and his team believe in the spirit of growth and love watching their staff and clients grow. There’s always progress being made. His grandfather used to say “Keep the cargo moving, hopefully in the right direction.” By treating customers like humans instead of robots and focusing on relationships rather than their wallets Diecut’s repeat business has grown up to 71% recently. (Remarkable.) All of this has helped them to stand out in the sticker industry.

The skate park is in progress. You can already tell it’s going to be awesome! has recently undergone some big changes and transitions. They have changed facilities, expanded their work space and have started many new projects. Before moving to their new location had a very small space with no parking. NO parking with 25 plus employees is ROUGH. On top of that, like many places in the Seattle area rent just kept rising. The cost was too high for what they were getting. So the business relocated to Tukwila. In the design process every employee had a say in what happened. Now their supply chain is within a 2 mile radius. They can now expect more because they have the room for it.

One sign of their growth is their ability to take on more projects in the community. “Humans not robots” is their clothing line, not for profit, they’ll be working on that more soon. The idea behind “humans not robots” is that while more and more of the world is getting increasingly digital, we are all still humans and should be treated as such. Another project of theirs is “Power to the makers”. This is meant as a salute to the DIY-er’s and entrepreneurs saying “We understand you. We’ll help you. We were you.” Daniel and his team know that these dreamers need an advocate and they are willing to be just that. One of the projects I’m the most excited about is their indoor skate park. They’re in the process of building now and they have lots of great ideas about the set up, but nothing’s set in stone yet. The basic functions of this skate park will be to serve as a way to relax and have fun for their staff and clients. And in some way make the space available to youth in the area, especially those who are at risk or under privileged.

We got to know Daniel (President) and Brianne (Business Administrative Manager) through the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce. They had become new members around the same time our business (Cascade e-Commerce Solutions Inc.) was getting back into the chamber.

Seeing a business like this grow and expand has shown me what a significant role digital marketing plays in a business’ success. Also, how important it is to make customer service the priority and to venture into e-commerce without abandoning analog and more traditional practices. The success of this business is due to their entire team and the values they share but you can’t have a strong team without a strong leader. Brianne put it best “Who Daniel is and the relationships he’s built have grown this business.” Here at CeSI we share a similar philosophy. We want to value people and relationships more than money or success. We want to be involved in the betterment of our community and the businesses that support it. We are with you and we are so glad to be on the same team making our home an even greater place.


Conference room. New. Pretty. Clean. Mini fridge with Red Bull.

This is their break room. See the stylist’s chair? That’s where the staff gets their quarterly haircuts by Joe Bae.






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