101 Things to Check Off Your Family Summer Bucket List

Bucket list and bubbles. I’m ready for summer!

1. Fountains, wading or spray parks all over the area.

2. Try new foods and treats (or just have your favorites) Boba tea,

3. Explore new parks

4. Look out for outdoor movie screenings. Many are free or cheap.

5. Museums! Free days, or cheap/donation entries.

6. Day trip to wild waves or other pools/waterparks

7. Go kayaking

8. Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

9. Go biking/mountain biking

10. Outdoor concerts

11. Seattle Science Museum

12. Golf/putt putt golf

13. Go to Wiggleworks

14. SAM’s Olympic Sculpture Park

15. Go on a Ferry adventure

16. Bite of Seattle

17. Check out the tide pools

18. Hikes. Waterfall hikes!

19. America’s Car Museum

20. Act like a tourist for a day and visit new places or revisit old ones. Gum wall, waterfront, Seattle Center, Pike place, Space Needle

21. Go camping

22. Have a Picnic

23. Ice Cream and Gelato and Froyo…OH MY!

24. Kids bowl free (Hiline Lanes, Roxbury Lanes, West Seattle Bowl and other bowling alleys in the area.)

25. Summer Festivals

26. Go berry picking

27. Remlinger Farms

28. Play dates. Lots of play dates.

29. Lunch with your friends and your kids’ friends.

30. Beach day: Dash point, Alki, or venture out to Ocean Shores

31. Tour the Boeing factory


Aren’t wildflowers just beautiful?

33. Check out Tukwila/Seatac with all of their kid-friendly attractions

34. Bus or Lightrail adventure downtown

35. Check out all the lakes!

36. Go on a hunt for lighthouses

37. Explore all the waterslides

38. King County water Taxi

39. Tenino’s natural rock quarry pool

40. FREE Summer at SAM program

41. Shakespeare in the park

42. Go star gazing

43. Check out the Seattle Children’s PlayGarden

44. Hide and seek, treasure hunt, scavenger hunt, geocaching, etc.

45. Fishing

46. Local farmers markets, Pike place

47. Throw a luau

48. Bake/make treats

49. Build a fort

50. Build a sandcastle

51. Have an ice cream sundae buffet for dinner

52. Help volunteer or cleanup in your community

53. Bust out the grill or have a backyard campfire

54. Make homemade pizza

55. Set up a lemonade stand

56. Have a water balloon fight

57. Practice origami to hang on the ceiling

58. Interview an older relative about what life was like when they were young

59. Create salad spinner art

Who else loves dandelions?

60. Shadow puppets

61. Plant a garden

62. Make a sidewalk chalk mural

63. Go ice-blocking

64. Outdoor painting party

65. Pretend to be pirates for a day

66. Backyard carnival

67. Build birdhouses

68. Make paper boats and race them

69. Create the ultimate road trip

70. Daytrip/staycation

71. Run through the sprinklers

72. Set up a bike wash and raise money for charity

73. Water Painting, Sponge brushes and water. Paint, dry, repeat.

74. Assemble a family cookbook

75. Visit a retirement home and read stories to residents

76. Visit a cave

77. Make your own bubbles and giant bubble wand

78. Paint with ice

79. Have a fancy tea party

80. Giant slip and slide

81. Backyard camping

82. Game nights

83. Brown paper bag brainstorming game

84. Have movie days/nights

85. Make glitter bottles

86. Build a solar oven

87. Make paper plate animals, bugs, bees, etc

88. Make tie-dye shirts, blankets, Tie-Dye EVERYTHING

89. Do science experiments/projects

90. Squirt gun painting

91. Have a glow in the dark party

92. Make your own water blobs

93. Create a funny face flip book

94. Build your own wind chimes

95. Water balloon baseball

96. Paper airplane flying contest

97. Make Flubber or Gak

98. Make dandelion necklaces and crowns

99. Marshmallow fight (add paint to make it extreme)

100. Dance in the rain

101. Make a summer bucket list: write all the ideas your family loves on Popsicle sticks and put them in a small bucket. Then pick a stick & get to work on that list!

Here’s my summer bucket list.


We hope you enjoyed “101 Things to Check off Your Family Summer Bucket List”! Let us know what your favorite activities are in the comments below and share this list with your friends and family on social media. Have an adventure-filled summer!