Seattle SkylineMy first visit to Western Washington was breathtaking.  In October of 2006, the end of a 3-hour flight originating out of the 100-plus degree Arizona desert was nearing, but I couldn’t see a landing strip.  All I could see was green….and more green.  An abundance of lush, towering trees almost completely obscured my view of the ground. The plane, in preparation for a landing, had begun to lose altitude and appeared to nearly skim the tree tops. Thankfully, however, the runway suddenly appeared and we landed within seconds. That remarkable landing was the conclusion of my flight, of course, but it was the beginning of a visit that introduced me to one of the most exciting, diverse and beautiful regions I have ever seen.

Four years later, as a technology professional, I had the opportunity to return to live, work and play in the Seattle area. And, as an artist (music composition), it’s been my joy to discover a large and extensive creative community with a seemingly endless array of artistic offerings, including performance, visual, literary, culinary and more.  In fact, a number of Seattle’s artistic institutions, such as the Seattle Symphony Orchestra and the Ladies’ Musical Society have had centennial celebrations, and appear poised to thrill audiences for many years to come.

But, what is the future of the arts in an area so transformed and dominated by the technology sector? Did the infusion of brains and capital over the years bring with it a demand for culture and an interest in the arts?

Carl Swanson addresses these questions in “Seattle Grows Beyond Grunge”, an article chronicling Seattle’s growth in the technology sector and it’s effect on Seattle’s culture and the arts.

Read it here.