Star Wars Day | May the 4th Be With You!

If you love Star Wars like my husband and I, then you are well aware what May 4th is; STAR WARS DAY. You may or may not love Star Wars (if you do not, it’s alright, no one’s perfect) but either way you have to admit it’s fascinating.

The fan base Star Wars has built is massive, extensive and spans over generations from wise Jedis to young padawans. The franchise has brought people from different walks of life together. The Star Wars movies have had some of the most record breaking moments in box office history. Since Disney purchased Lucasfilm (therefore owning Star Wars) they are now in the process of building a Star Wars themed land. They plan to open sometime during 2019. And my husband and I are unbelievably excited!

With all the commotion and fandom surrounding Star Wars you start to understand why Star Wars Day can be such a big deal. It’s not so much a serious holiday as it is a fun way for fans to celebrate a movie series that has in some ways shaped our culture and has been a part of many of our lives since before we were born.

One of the most widely known quotes from Star Wars is “May the force be with you.” which is what gives the holiday its name. (It’s a pun.) You may be a mega-fan who knows every line of every film, every characters background story and you may own a ridiculous amount of memorabilia. But maybe you’ve never watched a single Star Wars movie before and that’s alright. Star Wars Day will be a perfect day for you to watch or re-watch the movies, go to a convention or festival of some kind, take part in one of the many giveaways that occur or come up with your own creative way to have fun and celebrate. In addition, this year marks Star Wars 40th anniversary. (Even more reason to celebrate!) So, for Star Wars Day venture forth to a galaxy far, far away. Dream a little, have some fun, use your imagination and “May the 4th be with you!”

R2D2, one of the droids from the first Star Wars film.