Seasons of Motherhood

Over the years several mothers I respect have shared with me that it is reasonable for a woman to expect that her life will have many seasons. When I have been impatient to “have it all right now”, these wise counselors have encouraged me by saying take each season as it comes, this season is only temporary, so make the most of it while you can.

My own mother made her expectations clear from the time I was an infant. She had not completed a four year degree and felt this held her back from some of her dreams, so she urged me to get a four year degree before marrying and starting a family. I am thankful I followed her advice. It saved me from having even more different seasons of motherhood.

Nevertheless, I have experienced life as a married mother, life as a single mother, life as a second marriage mother, life as a working mother, life as a full-time at home mother, life as an entrepreneur mother and now I am experiencing life as an empty nester mother and grandmother.

Heeding the advice of my wise counselors I have made every effort to enjoy each season. When asked which season I have liked best, I have always answered “this one”. I have also never minded telling my age or discussing my failures and in fact I am quite proud of my grey hairs and wrinkles. I feel every bit of grey and every wrinkle has been earned and has a story to tell.

While some of my wise counselors have passed away, there are still many in my community for which I am very thankful. They share with me the seasons I can expect in the future. They tell me it’s not easy getting older. You can’t be a wimp, but you can continue to take each season and make the most of it. They encourage me to keep praying for my descendants even though they are now mostly grown and independent and starting families of their own.

I work hard to live in the present, but can say I am excited as I consider a future as a great grandmother. While a mother’s relationship with her children changes overtime and mothering duties no longer require constant attention, a mother still retains her status as mother, especially when her descendants go through their own seasonal challenges.

I am happy to be a mother and thankful that my seasons as a mother have taught me many lessons and enriched my life.

This Mother’s Day season, I want to do my best in encouraging other mothers to enjoy each season and make the most of each day.