Dutch Bros. Coffee in Renton

It has finally happened; on Thursday May 18, 2017 Dutch Bros. in Renton opened its doors! I started following their Facebook page over a year ago. So you could say I’ve been waiting awhile. Now, you may be wondering what all the hype is about, so I’ll fill you in.

Dutch Bros. is a drive through coffee stand with locations all over the more western side of the U.S. I have been to other locations while on road trips through California, Oregon, Idaho and Lacey, WA. What’s great about them is their staff; they are fun, friendly and fast. They typically have loud music playing, they talk, tell jokes and laugh with you. There have been stories of the kindness of Dutch Bros. staff members crying with customers who are having a hard day, praying for customers struggling with illness or just life in general. I guess I would say they are authentic and genuine which is sadly sort of rare these days. So, to see a company that has employees that overflow with authenticity, is a BIG deal.

And of course, they have great coffee! They have a fun menu, which I love. Dutch Bros. has their own energy drink (Rebel, comparable to Red Bull) for which they make all sorts of mixed flavors. They also have smoothies, kids’ drinks, Italian sodas, tea and all sorts of coffee variations. Check out their menu on their website. I’m sure you’ll be amused by their drink/flavor names.

I am so happy that we finally have a Dutch Bros. closer to home! I’d say many other people are happy about it too. They were shown so much love and support at their opening, crazy long lines all day long! The fact that they were giving out FREE medium drinks all day probably helped draw a crowd. I was in line for a bit, but was sadly on a time crunch, so I wasn’t able to get my free drink. But it’s alright, I went the following Saturday and loved it; now that we’ve got a Dutch Bros. Coffee in Renton I can go whenever my little heart desires and I couldn’t be more excited!

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This is where our line began. People have shown so much support!

We heart Dutch Bros. even in this long line.

These free drinks required a lot of dedication.