I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! I’m sure most of us can agree that ice cream is great and Seattle has a ton of great places to try out. In this review I’m focusing on three local ice cream shops in the Seattle Southside area. One of them is an old favorite for me and the other two were places I had never been before.

Auntie Irene’s | Des Moines

I love this cute little cafe! They sell coffee, sandwiches and other lunch foods and of course, ice cream. They’re ice cream is so good. Decent pricing for generous servings. Their waffle cones are fantastic; I personally think they’re the perfect amount of sweet. Auntie Irene’s always has lots of great flavors to choose from. When my husband and I went last he got Blue Bubble Gum and I got Maui Waui (this was a tropical, fruity sherbet). This sweet ice cream shop near the Des Moines Marina is still my favorite.[hr]

Husky Deli Ice Cream | West Seattle

I heard great things about this place so I thought I’d try it out. They are are not only an ice cream shop, but a deli as well. Husky Deli has delicious ice cream and they make their own waffle cones by hand, in shop.

You can watch them make your waffle cone while you decide on the flavor you want. When we tried this place out I got something simple; vanilla with raspberry, my husband got the same. We probably should have gotten different things to try out another flavor, but it’s okay, because the flavor we both got was so good it’s probably better we had our own. We’ll definitely be going back to try more flavors and check out the deli.[hr]

 Sweet Breeze Ice Cream | Burien

This is a new ice cream shop in the Burien town centre and after going there I can verify: there really is a sweet breeze in that place. They have the cutest shop; I love their decor. They have different flavors to choose from daily. When we went I got a Horchata flavor and my husband got a mango sorbet. It was definitely good. Not only do they have ice cream, but they have bottled sodas with flavors I hadn’t had before. We got orange hibiscus and black cherry with tamarind. They went well with our ice cream as these sodas weren’t too sweet. If you’re in the Burien area this is a cute ice cream shop worth trying out.


We hope these reviews help you find fun ways to stay cool in the summer heat. Let us know what other favorite ice cream shops you have. Make sure you try these joints out if you haven’t before and share this review with your friends!